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The March 7-8, 2023 ICD-10 COORDINATION AND MAINTENANCE COMMITTEE MEETING will be fully virtual. Registration is required for attendance.

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Consistent with the requirements of section 1886(d)(5)(K)(iii) of the Social Security Act, applicants submitted requests to create a unique procedure code to describe the administration of a therapeutic agent, such as the option to create a new code in Section X within the International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, Procedure Coding System (ICD-10-PCS). CMS will not be presenting these new technology add-on payment (NTAP)-related ICD-10-PCS procedure code requests that involve the administration of a therapeutic agent at the upcoming virtual meeting on March 7-8, 2023. The nine NTAP-related ICD-10-PCS procedure code requests that involve the administration of a therapeutic agent are:

  1. Fluorescence-guided surgery using CYTALUX® (Pafolacianine)
  2. Administration of Glofitamab
  3. Administration of Posoleucel
  4. Administration of Rezafungin
  5. Administration of SER-109
  6. Administration of Sulbactam-durlobactam
  7. Administration of Quizartinib
  8. Administration of Elranatamab
  9. Administration of Epcoritamab

CMS will be soliciting public comments regarding any clinical questions or coding options for the nine listed procedure code topics related to NTAP-related ICD-10-PCS code requests that involve the administration of a therapeutic agent in advance of the meeting continuing through the end of the public comment period.

The deadline to submit comments for topics being considered for an October 1, 2023 implementation is April 7, 2023. Members of the public should send any questions or comments to the CMS mailbox at: ICDProcedureCodeRequest@cms.hhs.gov by the designated deadline.

Prior to the meeting, CMS will post a question and answer document to address clinical or coding questions that members of the public have submitted related to the nine therapeutic agents. At a later date, CMS will post an updated question and answer document to address any additional clinical or coding questions that members of the public may have submitted by the designated deadlines.

Below are the meeting materials for the procedure code issues listed by date of the scheduled meetings. These materials include the Agenda and Materials, as well as any slides or other files made available.

Presentations for procedure code requests are conducted by both the requestor and CMS during the C&M meeting. Discussion from the requestor generally focuses on the clinical issues for the procedure or technology, followed by the proposed coding options from a CMS analyst. Topics presented may also include requests for new procedure codes that relate to a new technology add-on payment (NTAP) request.

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