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Newsletter Archive

Read past newsletters dating back to November 2014, when the first edition was published.

October 2019

  • Aging in place
  • Connecting Generations in Senior Housing: A toolkit by Leading Age
  • Planning ahead for changes in mobility
  • End-of-life considerations for AI/AN cancer patients
  • Cultural traditions activate the happy hormone

September 2019

  • Cultural health is part of behavioral health
  • Cultural health in long-term care facilities
  • Improving access to care for people with disabilities
  • New Medicare Beneficiary Identifier: Get it, use it
  • Preparing for flu season
  • Yoga is one age fits all
  • Caregiver corner: Dementia resources
  • Funding opportunity for dementia care

July 2019

  • Helping elders avoid falls
  • Building strength and balance
  • 2019 National Senior Games
  • When forgetting is more that just getting older
  • Funding opportunities to enhance services for the elderly and people with disabilities, and TOR grants
  • Webinar: Uniting Tribal Nursing Homes in Excellent Long-Term Elder Care

June 2019

  • End-of-life care in tribal communities
  • Summer heat and mail-order medicine
  • Upcoming Event: National Title VI TTA Conference
  • June is National Aphasia Awareness Month
  • Disaster preparedness for people living with dementia
  • Funding Opportunity: Tribal LTSS Resource Center
  • Webinar: Reclaiming Indigenous Food Relationships—Improving Health with Culture

May 2019

  • Caring for elders affected by trauma
  • Trauma-informed care for tribal elders
  • Medicare covers wellness visits, not routine physicals
  • Oral health care tips for caregivers
  • Planning activities for people with dementia
  • Webinar: Changing Tribal Demographics in Post-Acute Care

April 2019

  • Monitoring elders' nutrition needs
  • New data on AI/AN disability rates
  • Older Americans Month
  • Emergency planning for vulnerable adults
  • The importance of Medicare for older AI/ANs
  • Webinar: From Tundra to Table: The Seal Oil Project

March 2019

  • HCBS and the cost of LTSS
  • New Medicare cards have arrived
  • Vaccination: Our best shot at healthy aging
  • Weighing the benefits of congregate meal programs
  • Interrupted sleep worsens pain
  • Webinar: Lifeline Internet and Telephone Discount Program Overview

February 2019

  • Prevent diabetes for heart and brain health
  • TA Center resources: Diabetes and Native health
  • Patient-centered care through storytelling
  • Emergency preparedness for people with disabilities
  • Funding opportunity: Substance use disorder treatment
  • Find out what's covered through Medicare app
  • Public comment open for pain management best practices
  • Webinar: Find Local Providers and Resources with the Eldercare Locator

January 2019

  • Traditional foods recipes for elders and caregivers
  • TA Center resources: Traditional foods resources
  • Funding opportunities: Supporting and protecting elders and people with disabilities
  • Keep an eye out for glaucoma
  • Age+Action Conference: Registration open
  • Brain health and healthy aging webinar series
  • National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases community outreach website
  • Webinar: Relationship building in Indian Country—Outreach and Outcomes

December 2018

  • Washington State University partners with tribes on Alzheimer’s initiatives
  • TA Center resources: Alzheimer’s and Native health
  • Funding opportunity: Addressing Alzheimer’s disease-related disparities
  • Holidays in assisted living and home-based care
  • New year's resolution: Smoking cessation for 60+
  • Save the date: American Indian Disability Summit
  • Blackfeet Tribe to build new long-term care facility
  • The high value of informal caregiving

November 2018

  • Supporting Native Veterans
  • Support for family caregivers
  • Age+Action Conference: Call for proposals
  • Helping elders adjust to seasonal changes
  • Planning care for people with dementia
  • Redesigned Eldercare Locator website
  • Funding opportunity: Reduce gaps for AI/AN health data
  • Webinar: Cherokee Elder Care’s PACE Program

October 2018

  • Emergency preparedness for home care
  • Prime time for flu vaccination
  • Supporting staff and residents through their grief
  • Connected Care Toolkit offers chronic care management resources
  • Annual health summit helps tribes address disparities
  • Webinar: Tribal/State Elder Justice Collaborations That Work

September 2018

  • Data show increased use of home- and community-based care
  • Disabilities and health care access
  • Excessive earwax can cause health problems for elders
  • Native American Nutrition Conference
  • Get ahead of sepsis
  • LTSS and Medicaid Toolkit
  • Webinar: New Medicare Card Updates and Social Security Disability Benefits Overview

August 2018

  • Financial sustainability for tribal nursing homes
  • Alaska hunters supply traditional foods for elders
  • Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians recognized for health achievements
  • Funding opportunity: Disaster assistance
  • Respite care for elders with dementia
  • New data on nursing home staffing
  • Transportation survey: Older adults and people with disabilities

July 2018

  • Addressing caregiver burnout
  • Funding opportunity: Enhancing access to home modifications
  • Telehealth needs for rural tribal caregiving
  • Culture and Health – Diabetes in Indian Country
  • Disability Network Business Strategies: CBO Toolkit
  • Webinar: Tribal Nursing Homes – Financial Sustainability

June 2018

  • New data on mistreatment of elders and people with disabilities
  • Funding opportunity: Native American Elder Justice Initiative
  • Opioid use among people with disabilities

May 2018

  • World elder abuse awareness day is June 15
  • New Medicare cards are on the way
  • Funding opportunity: mainstream voucher program

April 2018

  • Culturally sensitive care in tribal nursing homes
  • Funding opportunities to enhance services for people with disabilities
  • CMS publishes new tribal nursing home directory

March 2018

  • End-of-life planning for people with dementia
  • RAISE family caregivers act will help families of people with disabilities
  • Funding opportunity: Paralysis Resource Centers

February 2018

  • Protecting nursing home residents during emergencies
  • Training: Positive outcomes for Alaska Native elders
  • Elders and the flu

January 2018

  • Sundowning: Tips for caregivers
  • Connecting elders to health care coverage
  • Choosing a care setting for elders

December 2017

  • Protect your patients and residents with the flu vaccine
  • Funding opportunity: Research to Improve Native American Health
  • LTSS video: caregiver support

November 2017

  • New Navajo health care system will enhance LTSS
  • Oglala Sioux Lakota Nursing Home offers culturally sensitive care for elders
  • LTSS video: Dementia and Alzheimer’s care for tribal elders

October 2017

  • Traditional Foods
  • National Title VI Program Survey Results
  • Apply for NACCHO's Disability Technical Assistance Program

September 2017

  • Emergency preparedness for tribal LTSS programs
  • Upcoming Conference on Dementia in Native Americans
  • Protecting Elders Against Financial Harm

August 2017

  • Quickly Find LTSS Research to Support Your Program
  • New Videos Highlight Ways to Support Long-Term Care in Your Community
  • Recent Research Shows High Diabetes Rates Among AI/ANs and Elders

July 2017

  • Emerging Issues: Alzheimer's Disease in Indian Country
  • Hospice Care in Indian Country
  • Funding Opportunity: Reducing Harm Among the Elderly

June 2017

  • Effective Communication for Patients with Dementia
  • Webinar: Tribal Nursing Home Stories
  • Previous webinar: Tribal Data Collection and your Community's LTSS Story

May 2017

  • Providing Spiritual Support
  • Standards of Care for Diabetes
  • Webinar: Diagnosing and Treating Parkinson's Disease

April 2017

  • New Chronic Care Management Resources
  • Dementia—Beyond Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Comments Wanted: Draft Principles for a Person-Centered Approach to Serious or Advanced Illness

March 2017

  • Traditional foods offer elders taste of home
  • Taxing strategies – deductions for medical expenses
  • Ideas for caregivers: Helping someone with Alzheimer’s get the most from a doctor visit

February 2017

  • Tribal Strategies to Care for Veterans
  • Promising Practices: VA Programs in Indian Country
  • Veterans May Endure Higher Pain Severity Than Nonveterans

January 2017

  • New Year’s Resolution: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
  • Memory Care Forum
  • New and Updated LTSS Reports

December 2016 Update

  • Researchers Recommend Medication Review After a Fracture
  • Oglala Sioux Nursing Home Provides Care Close to Home
  • Study: Hearing Loss Nearly Universal Among Elders Age 80 or Above

December 2016

  • Focus on Family Caregivers
  • Tribal nursing home providers UNITE!
  • Alaska facility builds tundra garden for residents

October 2016

  • Flu vaccinations for caregivers
  • CMS announces new nursing home rules
  • ACL funds an advocacy center for people with disabilities

September 2016

  • CMS Seeks to Simplify, Modernize PACE
  • FEMA’s Guide for People with Disabilities
  • Talking to People with Alzheimer’s

August 2016

  • Could More Community Health Aides Expand Tribal LTSS?
  • Immunizations for Elders and People with Disabilities
  • Why People Are Ashamed to Claim

July 2016

  • How much do you know about Medicaid and long-term care?
  • Helping elders cope with the heat
  • Technology for caregivers

June 2016

  • Two Tactics to Try in Alzheimer’s Care and Prevention
  • Kenaitze Indian Tribe Opens New Tyotkas Elder Center
  • Putting the Control Back in Remote Controls

May 2016

  • LTSS Technical Assistance Center Q&A
  • Funding Opportunity: Elder Justice Innovation Grants
  • Tribal Nursing Homes: Traditional Foods, Traditional Lives

April 2016

  • ‘Invisible Work’ Takes Toll on Unpaid Caregivers
  • April Is Occupational Therapy Month
  • New Solutions Needed for Diabetes Management Among Elders

March 2016

  • Improving LTSS for People with Developmental Disabilities
  • Study Finds Higher Dementia Rates for Natives
  • Pine Ridge Elders Educate Peers on Advanced Care Planning

February 2016

  • Video: A Gathering of Tribal Leaders
  • Speaking the Same Language about Elder Abuse
  • New CMS Guide Helps Hospitals Tackle Readmissions

January 2016

  • Winterize to Prevent Falls
  • Perspectives on Dementia
  • Nursing Textbook Focuses on American Indians

December 2015

  • Elder Abuse in Indian Country
  • International Day of People with Disabilities
  • Flu Prevention

November 2015

  • Hospice and Palliative Care
  • National Family Caregivers Month
  • Native One-Stop Portal

October 2015

  • New Nursing Home on the Pine Ridge Reservation
  • ACL Launches "What Is Brain Health?"
  • Flu Vaccines among Younger and Middle-Aged Adults May Help Protect the Elderly

September 2015

  • World Alzheimer's Month
  • National Native American Conference on Alzheimer's Disease
  • New Survey Finds Gaps and Inconsistencies in State Dementia Training Standards
  • New Court of Appeals Ruling on Minimum Wage and Overtime for Direct Care Workers
  • Promote Depression Screenings on October 9

August 2015

  • First National Native American Conference on Alzheimer's Disease
  • ACL Requesting Feedback on Adult Protective Services
  • NCOA Releases Action Plan for Preventing Falls
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act Turns 50
  • Native American Disability and Health Resources

July 2015

  • Heat Sickness and Medication Side Effects
  • Secrets to Successful Aging from Alaska Native Elders
  • Proposed Rule for Medicaid Managed Care

June 2015

  • Starting the Conversation About Elder Abuse
  • Safety Resources for Tribal Members with Disabilities
  • New LTSS Video Series: What Works for Us
  • New Program Profiles and Reports on Elder Abuse Prevention

May 2015

  • 2015 White House Conference on Aging
  • National Lessons Learned from the Money Follows the Person Initiative
  • Traditional Foods Back on the Table for Alaska Native Elders

April 2015

  • Menominee's Long-Term Care Model Is Semifinalist for Honoring Nations Award
  • New CMS Tribal Affairs LinkedIn Group

March 2015

  • New Housing Resources Available to Tribes
  • Updated Standards for Home- and Community-Based Care

February 2015

  • Macular Degeneration and Low Vision Awareness
  • Study Finds Exercise Good for Depression in Elders
  • Influenza Management in Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Medicare Matters: A New Toolkit for Engaging AI/AN Elders

January 2015

  • Nursing Home Successes: Cutting Antipsychotic Drug Use by 97%
  • Report on Health Care Barriers for Elders

December 2014

  • Checking in on Loved Ones During the Holidays
  • Protecting the Circle of Life
  • Recommended Reading: Elder Justice Roadmap Project Report
  • The Rural Assistance Center: A Resource for Funding Opportunities

November 2014

  • Alzheimer's Disease Awareness
  • Honoring Caregivers
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