Provider Community

Provider Community

Providers access PS&R data pertaining to their specific organization via the internet.  A provider user can request PS&R Summary Reports using the PS&R interface screens. The system will process the reports and make them available in the user's in-box.   Reconciliation Reports (also known as Detail Reports) may be requested by the provider using the PS&R screens.  However, due to the data they contain, they must be securely sent to the provider by their MAC.  Note – MACs may continue to a charge a fee for the generation of Detail Reports in excess of one per year. 

Providers will be responsible to obtain their own PS&R Summary Reports needed to file their cost reports for fiscal years ending January 31, 2009 and later. 


Prior to accessing PS&R, each user must first have an ID and password for CMS' Enterprise Identity Management system (EIDM).  Additional information pertaining to EIDM is located on the Overview page. 


Any questions pertaining to EIDM should be directed to the EUS Help Desk, also known as External User Services, at 1-866-484-8049 or  Any provider questions pertaining to the PS&R and the data contained within each report should be directed to their MAC.


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