Flu Shot

Payment Rates

Get payment rates for the 2020-2021 flu season.


Frequency & Coverage

  • Medicare Part B covers one flu shot per flu season
  • Medicare covers additional flu shots if medically necessary
  • A patient could get the seasonal flu shot twice in a calendar year for two different flu seasons, and Medicare would pay for each shot

People with Medicare pay nothing for a flu shot if the doctor or other qualified health provider accepts assignment for giving the shot:

  • Copayment/coinsurance waived
  • Deductible waived



Find the right HCPCS, CPT, and ICD-10 codes for the flu shot.


Institutional Providers: Additional Information

Get more information on facility and bill types.


Roster Billing for Mass Immunizers

Get coverage requirements, elements & centralized billing information if you’re a mass immunizer and offer flu and pneumococcal shots to many people.


Additional Resources

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