Flu Shot

This toolkit is for health care providers.

If you're a person with Medicare, learn more about your coverage for flu shots.

For Medicare Advantage (MA) plan patients, check with the MA plan for information on eligibility, coverage, and payment. Each plan can have different patient out-of-pocket costs and specific rules for getting and billing for services. You must follow the plan’s terms and conditions for payment. 

Information for flu shot providers:

Frequency & Coverage

  • The CDC recommends annual flu shots for everyone 6 months and older by the end of October or as soon as possible each flu season.
  • Medicare Part B covers 1 flu shot per flu season.
  • We cover additional flu shots if medically necessary. Patients can get flu shots twice in a calendar year during 2 different flu seasons, and we’ll pay for both shots.

Your patients pay nothing if you accept assignment. There’s no copayment, coinsurance, or deductible.

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