State Innovation Models Initiative: Model Design Awards Round One

Sixteen states received Model Design awards under the first round of the State Innovation Models initiative. CMS awarded up to $30 million through Model Design cooperative agreements. States interested in developing transformative payment and delivery reforms were invited to apply for Model Design awards. States created a Health Care Innovation Plan that inform their applications for a Model Test Award or another Model Design Award under the second round of this initiative and support statewide transformation efforts.

Round One Model Design Awardees

SIM MD awards mapped

Sixteen states received Round One Model Design Awards. To view an interactive map of this Model, visit the Where Innovation is Happening page, and select this model from the drop-down menu on the left side of the page.

The Round One Model Design award recipients engaged a diverse group of stakeholders, including public and commercial payers, providers, and consumers, to develop a State Health Care Innovation Plan. The funding amounts are listed below:

California $2,667,693
Connecticut $2,852,335
Delaware $2,485,118
Hawaii $937,691
Idaho $3,000,000
Illinois $1,350,711
Maryland $2,371,299
Michigan $1,653,705
New Hampshire $1,605,378
Ohio $3,000,000
Pennsylvania $1,560,135
Rhode Island $1,631,042
Tennessee $756,000
Texas $2,895,219
Utah $942,458



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