State Innovation Models Initiative: Model Design Awards Round Two

The State Innovation Models Initiative Model Design Awards provided financial and technical support to awardees for their planning and design efforts. In planning and designing their proposals, states must, among other things, develop multi-payer payment and service delivery models and engage a broad range of stakeholders.

State Innovation Models: Model Design Awards Round Two map

Seventeen states, three territories and the District of Columbia were awarded Model Design Awards in Round Two. 

Nearly $43 million in Model Design awards supported 21 awardees (including 17 states, three territories and the District of Columbia) in designing or further refining State Health Care Innovation Plans. The Model Design award recipients engaged a diverse group of stakeholders, including public and commercial payers, providers and consumers, to develop a State Health Care Innovation Plan. The funding amounts are listed below:


American Samoa (AS)$750,000
Arizona (AZ)$2,500,000
California (CA)$3,000,000
District of Columbia (DC)$1,000,000
Hawaii (HI)$1,500,000
Kentucky (KY)$2,000,000
Illinois (IL)$3,000,000
Maryland (MD)$2,500,000
Montana (MT)$999,999
Nevada (NV)$2,000,000
New Hampshire (NH)$2,000,000
New Jersey (NJ)$3,000,000
New Mexico (NM)$1,999,988
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (MP)$750,000
Oklahoma (OK)$2,000,000
Pennsylvania (PA)$3,000,000
Puerto Rico (PR)$1,944,740
Utah (UT)$2,000,000
Virginia (VA)$2,589,792
West Virginia (WV)$1,939,705
Wisconsin (WI)$2,494,290

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