EIDM Overview


Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) has been established to provide our Business Partners a means to apply for and receive a single User ID they can use to access many CMS applications. On this website you'll find information about the applications your EIDM User ID can be used with, how to register for an EIDM User ID, how to login to EIDM, how to login to your application, and information about the Help Desks that support your applications. Your organization or CMS contact can help you with the information you'll need for registration such as application name, application role, Organization Legal Business Name, Taxpayer Identification Number or other information specific to your application. Not every CMS application requires the same information so it is important to get the specifics directly from your organization or CMS contact.

Important Messages

Do not disclose or lend your User ID AND/OR PASSWORD to someone else. They are for your use only and serve as your electronic signature. This means that you will be held responsible for the consequences of unauthorized or illegal transactions. Sharing of accounts may lead to termination of system access privileges and /or adverse action up to and including legal prosecution.


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