Cherokee Elder Care Program

Cherokee Elder Care Program
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Cherokee Elder Care Program is a Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE).

The Cherokee Elder Care Program began in 2008. As a PACE, it follows a program model in which a diverse team of health providers collaborate to:

  • increase the availability and quality of services
  • deliver prompt care
  • help elders stay in their homes as long as possible

The care team is led by a primary care physician and includes different medical professionals who assess needs, develop care plans, and deliver services.

Cherokee Elder Care is:

CECP is one of the first PACE programs to serve rural communities

One of the first PACE programs to serve rural communities

CECP is one of 15 rural PACE sites in the nation

One of only 15 rural PACE sites in the nation

The first PACE program in Oklahoma

The first PACE program in Oklahoma

The first PACE program sponsored by at tribe or tribal organization

The first PACE program sponsored a tribe or tribal organization

Services Provided

The state of Oklahoma assesses which services a potential client is eligible for, and the Cherokee Elder Care Program provides the following services if identified.

Services provided directly

CECP provides home health aides

Home health aides who assist with daily activities

CECP provides hospice care

Hospice care

CECP provides personal care for ADL

Personal care, such as help bathing or getting dressed

CECP provides respite care

Respite care

CECP provides nutritional counseling

Meals and nutritional counseling

CECP provides physical therapy

Physical therapy

CECP provides transportation

Some transportation services

CECP provides medical prescriptions

Medical prescriptions

CECP provides primary care

Primary care

Services provided to help patients navigate processes

CECP provides case management

Case management

CECP provides help with Medicaid applications

Help completing Medicaid applications


The Cherokee Nation Elder Care Program serves about 83 elders each month.

  • Able to safely live in a home within the program's service area
  • Age 55+
  • Certified as needing a nursing home level of care

Those who enroll in the program are required to use it as their primary medical provider. Program participants do not need to be members of Cherokee Nation or Native American.


Medicare and Medicaid reimburse the program for services provided to elder beneficiaries. People who are eligible for Medicare, but not Medicaid, make monthly payments to the program.

To be covered by Medicaid, a PACE program must be included in the state's Medicaid plan as an available care option. Once this option is available, the state can contract with a PACE provider. Cherokee Nation worked with the state of Oklahoma to become listed as an option in the state's Medicaid plan. After being listed as an option, the Cherokee Elder Care Program could contract with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services.


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