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Cherokee Nation Home Health Services, Inc.

Cherokee Nation Home Health Services, Inc., (CNHHS) is a tribally incorporated, nonprofit home health care agency that is Medicare and Medicaid certified to provide state-licensed home health care services.

The program started in 1996 when the State of Oklahoma contracted with CNHHS to provide services under two state Medicaid programs:

  • The Home- and Community-Based Services 1915(c) Advantage Care waiver plan, which is funded by Medicaid and covers services like personal care, home chores, case management, and skilled nursing care for Medicaid-eligible people
  • The Oklahoma State Personal Care Program, which is funded by Medicaid and covers services like personal care and home chores for Medicaid-eligible people

These programs allow CNHHS to offer many services directly.

Services Provided

Services provided directly by the program staff include:

  • Home health aides who assist with daily activities
  • Home-based hospice care (only available through the Advantage Care waiver)
  • Personal care, such as help bathing or getting dressed
  • Respite support
  • Skilled nursing care
  • Therapies
  • Transportation

CNHHS also provides the following services that help patients navigate difficult processes:

  • Assessments to figure out which services a client needs and is eligible for, with the first assessment done by a state nurse
  • Case management
  • Help completing the Medicaid application

Other services covered by the Medicaid programs, but not offered directly by CNHHS, are contracted out to other providers. These services include:

  • Home modification
  • Medical equipment supplies

CNHHS serves an average of 400 Medicaid beneficiaries monthly. Through Advantage Care and Personal Care, it serves 290 and 110 people, respectively.


To receive services through CNHHS, both state Medicaid programs require that a person:

  • Be a Medicaid beneficiary
  • Live within the service area, which includes 16 ZIP codes in and around Cherokee County in Oklahoma
  • Meet the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Medicaid guidelines

Participation is not limited to Cherokee tribal members or Native Americans. About 70% of the people who receive services through both programs are Cherokee citizens.

Advantage Care Waiver

To qualify for the Advantage Care waiver, a person must:

  • Be age 55 or older
  • Be certified as needing a nursing home level of care, but also be able to stay at home safely when services are not being performed
  • Meet certain medical and income requirements

Personal Care Program

To qualify for the Personal Care Program, a person must:

  • Be age 55 or older
  • Earn an income that is below a certain amount
  • Meet certain medical requirements
  • Need assistance with daily living activities


Most of the program's funding comes from Medicare (Part A) and Medicaid, but there are other payers as well.

Funding Sources by Percentage
A pie chart shows Medicaid and Medicare as the main funding sources for CNHHS. The Veterans Administration, private insurance, and patient out-of-pocket payments are shown as other payers.

*When clients pay out-of-pocket, rates are slightly lower than they would be for Medicaid.

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