How to Use the TA Center

The LTSS Technical Assistance Center contains resources for LTSS newcomers and experienced health program planners alike. If you are a tribal leader who is new to LTSS, we recommend starting with the basics and then exploring the additional topics at your own pace, in any order. As your tribe moves into active LTSS planning, your staff or consultants will need guidance from you and other tribal leaders during each phase described in the planning roadmap.

Tour the TA Center

The TA Center offers information on many topics related to LTSS programs, from planning steps to funding options. Watch short videos to see what types of information are available by topic and how to quickly find what you need. Video tours are available for these sections of the TA Center:

LTSS Basics

LTSS Topics

LTSS Planning Tools

  • Visit Start Planning for an introduction to the planning process and links to pages about financing options and program models.
  • The Advanced Planning section is an in-depth guide for tribes that are actively engaged in planning. It covers program evaluation and includes a consultant list, case studies, and a step-by-step planning roadmap.
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