Center for Medicare

Cheri Rice, Acting Deputy Administrator and Director

Carol Blackford, Acting Deputy Director

Cheri Rice, Deputy Director

Business Operations Staff 1

Robert Ventura, Director
Larry Bonander, Deputy Director

Hospital and Ambulatory Policy Group

Ryan Howe, Acting Director
Michele Hudson, Acting Deputy Director
Division of Acute Care - Don Thompson, Director; Michael Treitel, Acting Deputy Director
Division of Practitioner Services - Gift Tee, Director; Scott Lawrence, Acting Deputy Director 
Division of Outpatient Care - David Rice, Acting Director; Vacant, Deputy Director
Division of Ambulatory Services - Sara Shirey-Losso, Director; Michelle Cruse, Deputy Director

Chronic Care Policy Group

Ing-Jye Cheng, Director
Jeanette Kranacs, Deputy Director
Division of Chronic Care Management - Jana Lindquist, Director; Abigail Ryan, Deputy Director
Division of Cost Reporting - Susan Burris, Director; Deanna Rhodes, Deputy Director
Division of Institutional Post Acute Care - Todd Smith, Director; Susanne Seagrave, Deputy Director
Division of Technical Payment Policy - Martha Kuespert, Director; Laura Dash, Deputy Director
Division of Home Health and Hospice - Brian Slater, Director; Kelly Vontran, Deputy Director

Technology Coding and Pricing Group

Jason Bennett, Acting Director
Tiffany Swygert, Acting Deputy Director
Division of Coding and Diagnosis Related Groups – Marge Watchorn, Acting Director; Matthew Levenson, Deputy Director
Division of Data Analysis and Market Based Pricing – Marybeth Jason, Acting Director; Vacant, Deputy Director 
Division of DMEPOS Competitive Bidding – Michael Keane, Director; Joseph Bryson, Deputy Director
Division of DMEPOS Policy – Joel Kaiser, Director; Vacant, Deputy Director
Division of New Technology – Allison Pompey, Acting Director; Vacant, Deputy Director

Provider Billing Group

Diane Kovach, Director
Michael Crochunis, Deputy Director
Division of Institutional Claims Processing - Lorraine Zicha, Director, Vacant, Deputy Director
Division of Practitioner Claims Processing - Louisa Sabatino, Director
Division of Supplier Claims Processing - Jason Kerr, Director
Division of Data Systems - Tamara Howard, Director

Medicare Contractor Management Group

Larry Young, Director
Torris Smith, Deputy Director
Division of MAC Systems Security and Operations Oversight - Randy Beardsley, Director
Division of MAC Budget and Data Analysis - Stephen Calfo, Director
Eastern MAC Program Management Division - Martin Furman, Director; Vacant, Deputy Director
Division of Change and Operations Management - Randi Yablon, Director
Division of MAC Strategy and Development - Brian Johnson, Acting Director; Brian Johnson, Deputy Director
Division of Performance Assessment - Michelle Albert, Director; Vacant, Deputy Director
Southern MAC Program Management Division - David Banks, Director
Western MAC Program Management Division - Jody Kurtenbach, Director

Provider Communications Group

Richard Cuchna, Director
Tricia Rodgers, Deputy Director
Division of Provider Information Planning and Development - Letitia English, Director; Mary Case, Deputy Director
Division of Provider Relations and Outreach - Robin Fritter, Director
Division of Contractor Provider Communications - Amy Abel-Matkins, Director; Belen Rodriguez, Deputy Director
Division of Provider Communications Technology - Ada Sanchez, Director

Performance-Based Payment Policy Group

John Pilotte, Director
Jonathan Blanar, Deputy Director
Division of ACO Management and Compliance - Cathy LaRuffa, Director; Kari Vandegrift, Deputy Director
Division of ACO Finance and Data Analytics - Heather Grimsley, Director; Josef Otto, Deputy Director
Division of Program Alignment and Communications - Steve Johnson, Director; Karmin Jones, Deputy Director

Business Operations Staff 2

Victoria Beder, Director
Simone Feaster, Deputy Director

Medicare Drug Benefit and C and D Data Group

Amy Larrick, Director
Vanessa Duran, Deputy Director
Division of Benefit Purchasing and Monitoring - Linda Anders, Director; Michael Neumann, Deputy Director
Division of Formulary and Benefits Operations - Brian Martin, Director; Andrea Bendewald, Deputy Director
Division of Clinical and Operational Performance - Michelle Ketcham, Director; Alice Lee-Martin, Deputy Director
Division of Consumer Assessment and Plan Performance - Elizabeth Goldstein, Director; Sarah Gaillot, Acting Deputy Director
Division of Plan Data - Lori Robinson, Director; Ana Nunez, Deputy Director
Division of Part D Policy - Chris Bauer, Director; Craig Miner, Deputy Director

Medicare Drug and Health Plan Contract Administration Group

Kathryn Coleman, Director
Scott Sturiale, Deputy Director
Division of Policy, Analysis, and Planning - Heather Barkes, Director; Heather Rudo, Deputy Director
Division of Medicare Advantage Operations - Erica Sontag, Director; Twi Jackson, Deputy Director
Division of Finance and Benefits - Dale Summers, Director; Yasmin Galvez, Deputy Director
Division of Surveillance, Compliance, and Marketing - Tim Roe, Director; Vacant, Deputy Director

Medicare Enrollment and Appeals Group

Jerry Mulcahy, Director
Jennifer Smith, Deputy Director
Division of Enrollment and Eligibility Policy - Ronke Fabayo, Director; Susan Edwards, Deputy Director
Division of Appeals Policy - Nishamarie Sherry, Director; Tyler Whitaker, Deputy Director
Division of Appeals Operations - Maria Ramirez, Director; Christina Kasdan, Deputy Director
Division of Medicare Enrollment Coordination - Ilina Chaudhuri, Director; Stephen Ludwig, Deputy Director

Medicare Plan Payment Group

Jennifer Shapiro, Director
Rebecca Paul, Deputy Director
Division of Payment Coordination and Oversight - Whitney Johnson, Director; Stacy Davis, Deputy Director
Division of Payment Operations - Edward Howard, Director; Aliza Kim, Deputy Director
Division of Payment Reconciliation - Christine Machon, Director; Mary Best, Deputy Director
Division of Payment Analysis and Policy - Anne Mutti, Director, Arthur Pignotti, Deputy Director
Division of Payment Policy - Monica Reed-Asante, Director; Rebecca Harrington, Deputy Director
Division of Encounter Data Risk Adjustment Operations - Amanda Johnson, Director; Vacant, Deputy Director

Medicare Parts C and D Oversight and Enforcement Group

John Scott, Director
Vacant, Deputy Director
Division of Compliance Enforcement - Kevin Stansbury, Director; Vacant, Deputy Director
Division of Audit Operations - Jessica Robinson, Director; Jodi Johnson, Deputy Director
Division of Analysis, Policy, and Strategy - Kady Flannery, Director; Caroline Zeman, Acting Deputy Director

Functional Statement

  • Serves as CMS' focal point for the formulation, coordination, integration, implementation, and evaluation of national Medicare program policies and operations.
  • Identifies and proposes modifications to Medicare programs and policies to reflect changes or trends in the health care industry, program objectives, and the needs of Medicare beneficiaries. Coordinates with the Office of Legislation on the development and advancement of new legislative initiatives and improvements.
  • Serves as CMS' lead for management, oversight, budget, and performance issues relating to Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans, Medicare fee-for-service providers, and contractors.
  • Oversees all CMS interactions and collaboration with key stakeholders relating to Medicare (i.e., plans, providers, other government entities, advocacy groups, Consortia) and communication and dissemination of policies, guidance, and materials to same to understand their perspectives and to drive best practices in the health care industry.
  • Develops and implements a comprehensive strategic plan, objectives, and measures to carry out CMS' Medicare program mission and goals and position the organization to meet future challenges with the Medicare program and its beneficiaries.
  • Coordinates with the Center for Program Integrity on the identification of program vulnerabilities and implementation of strategies to eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse.


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