Stratified Reporting

Stratified Reporting

To comprehensively address and eliminate health disparities, it is necessary to measure and publicly report – in a standardized and systematic way – the nature and extent of health care disparities. Stratified Reporting provides useful information for targeting quality improvement activities and resources, monitoring health and drug plan performance, and advancing the development of culturally and linguistically appropriate quality improvement interventions and strategies.

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Disparities in Health Care in Medicare Advantage Associated with Dual Eligibility or Eligibility For Low-Income Subsidy

2021 DE/LIS National Disparities Stratified Report (PDF)

View the newly released Medicare Advantage quality care data, which includes information about differences in clinical care by dual eligibility for Medicare and Medicaid or eligibility for a Low-Income Subsidy (DE/LIS status). The data also examines how differences based on DE/LIS status vary by race and ethnicity and between rural and urban areas.

Part C and D Performance Data Stratified by Race, Ethnicity, and Gender

The following reports describe the quality of health care received by Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans nationwide, highlighting racial and ethnic differences in health care experiences and comparing the quality of care for men and women.

2021 Stratified Reports 

April 2021

2020 Stratified Reports

April 2020

2019 Stratified Reports

April 2019

2018 Stratified Reports

April 2018

2017 Stratified Reports

April 2017

2016 Stratified Reports

November 2016

2015 Stratified Reports

April 2016

Part C and D Performance Data Stratified by Geography (Rural/Urban)

The following reports describes rural-urban differences in health care experiences and clinical care received by Medicare beneficiaries and compares the quality of care delivered to rural and urban Medicare beneficiaries. The reports also look at how these differences vary by race and ethnicity.

2020 Stratified Report (Rural/Urban)

November 2020

2019 Stratified Report (Rural/Urban)

November 2019

2018 Stratified Report (Rural/Urban)

November 2018


The CMS Office of Minority Health welcomes your questions about the stratified data contained in these files or how health plans could utilize these data for quality improvement purposes, please contact CMS Health Equity Technical Assistance at:

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