Effective September 21, 2023, the Departments have directed certified IDR entities to resume processing all single and bundled disputes already submitted to the IDR portal and assigned to a certified IDR entity.  The ability to initiate new disputes involving air ambulance items or services as well as batched disputes for air ambulance and non-air ambulance items and services is currently unavailable. IDR portal functionalities related to previously initiated batched disputes are also unavailable. Disputing parties should continue to engage in open negotiation according to the required timeframes.

Ending Surprise Medical Bills

Learn how providers, facilities, plans and issuers can comply with surprise billing protections and resolve out-of-network payment disputes

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No Surprises Act

Policies & resources

Review rules and fact sheets on what No Surprises rules cover, and get additional resources with more information.

Resolving out-of-network payment disputes

Learn about out-of-network payment disputes between providers and health plans and how to start the independent dispute resolution (IDR) process, apply to become a certified independent dispute resolution entity, or submit a petition on an applicant or to revoke certification of a current IDR entity.

Consumers and consumer advocates 

Learn about rights and protections for consumers to end surprise bills and remove consumers from payment disagreements between their providers, health care facilities and health plans.

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