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Medicare HETS 270/271 Eligibility - Information Bulletin - HETS System Status - February 2, 2011
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HETS 270/271
Medicare HETS 270/271 Submitters:

In a previous communication, CMS advised that it was working to improve performance of the current version of the HETS 270/271 application by the end of January, 2011.

CMS made changes to the HETS production environment on Saturday, January 22, 2011. These changes successfully added additional socket and processing capacity to HETS.

CMS has closely monitored system performance over the last 10 days. HETS performance has improved in a multitude of ways. Average response time has significantly improved and is now less than 5 seconds even during peak processing periods. While CMS continues to throttle the number of available application sockets, submitter volume has remained below the number of available sockets. The frequency with which HETS is prematurely disconnecting sockets before the submitter receives a 271 response has been sharply reduced. Overall, HETS is now processing 50% more transactions during peak volume periods than it was prior to January 22, 2011.

Note that while CMS has completed its work to improve performance of the current HETS production environment, additional capacity is limited until the system redesign, known as the "2011Q2 release", can be installed. The 2011Q2 release is scheduled for April 2011. Besides increased capacity, this release will include changes previously scheduled for the 2010Q3 and 2010Q4 releases. CMS has significantly improved its release testing tools and has engaged additional resources to ensure that this release will be installed successfully. CMS will distribute Release Summary documents in the near future that explain all of these upcoming changes to submitters in advance of the release.

CMS is appreciative of the patience of the submitter community and the positive feedback recently received from many of you.

Please contact the Help Desk if you have any questions or comments.

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