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Medicare HETS UI Internet Eligibility - Information Bulletin - August 11, 2013
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Medicare HETS UI Internet Eligibility Users:

Following this weekend's scheduled data center maintenance, it was identified that the HETS UI Internet Eligibility system top screen banner is not displaying properly.  The top of the screen appears to be blank except for a 'Print' links; however, there are actually 4 other links that will appear if you hover your mouse over their normal location in the upper right corner.  By hovering to the left and right of the 'Print' link a user will also see the regular links for 'New Inquiry', 'Site Map', 'Help' and 'Exit.'

All other functionality is working normally - HETS UI still allows Users to enter Medicare Beneficiary information and retrieve proper responses.  Users can still see the various tabs that are available once proper Medicare Beneficiary information is entered and Users can still use the links detailed above after hovering in that area to reveal the links.

CMS will review the situation and make a determination on how to proceed with this issue.  In the meantime, HETS UI Users should be aware that while the screen displays slightly differently, there is no impact to functionality.