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Medicare HETS 270/271 - MBI Information Bulletin - October 30, 2017
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HETS 270/271

CMS Release

New Medicare Numbers/Cards: Coordination of Benefits

CMS notified supplemental insurers (e.g., Medigap plans, employer retiree plans, TRICARE for Life, FEHBP plans) and State Medicaid Agencies about the transition from Social Security Number based Health Insurance Claim Numbers (HICNs) to new numbers (known as Medicare Beneficiary Identifiers (MBIs)) on several occasions, including  two calls on January 17 about the impact of the New Medicare Card: One for Medicare secondary payer stakeholders (ZIP) and another on the Coordination of Benefits Agreement claim crossover process (ZIP). During the transition period, we will process and transmit Medicare crossover claims with either the HICN or MBI, based on what Medicare providers include on the incoming claim to minimize changes for all stakeholders and assure a smooth transition.

Visit the webpage for the latest information or refer to the Transition to New Medicare Numbers and Cards (PDF) Medicare Learning Network Fact Sheet.