Research Data Distribution Center (RDDC)

Research Data Distribution Center (RDDC)
Project Number
Project Officr(s)
Michelle Ruff
Start Date
End Date
Principal Investigator(s)
Todd Goeldner
Awardee Name
Buccaneer Computer Systems
Awardee Street
6799 Kennedy Road, Suite J
Awardee City/State/Zip
Warrenton, VA 20187
The Research Data Distribution Center (RDDC) disseminates Medicare and Medicaid data to public and private researchers. Since most of RDDC's customers are the research community, it was agreed by CMS senior staff that ORDI would take over the management activities of the RDDC. (Currently the RDDC is managed by OIS.) Over the next two years, it is ORDI's intent to closely coordinate the RDDC and CCW activities and develop a single data dissemination infrastructure. After this contractor has demonstrated that they can successfully handle the current RDDC workload, we intend to start transferring some of the CCW databases to the REEDC. Once the period of performance for these two contracts has ended, the plan is to solicit a new contract to combine the Medicare and Medicaid data dissemination activities of the RDDC and the CCW into a single contract with a single database. The contractors operations shall be funded solely through user fees collected from paying customers. CMS reserves the right to request that the RDDC process data from non-paying customers such as Congressional entities. These requests shall be funded from CMS's administrative budget.
An extension for this contract is pending.