MMCO Statistical & Analytic Reports

MMCO Statistical & Analytic Reports
04/08/2024: CMS released a revised resource, "Quarterly Enrollment Snapshot (06/2015-06/2023)". More information is available below.


Enrollment Snapshots (National, State, & County)

Enrollment Trends

Managed Care Enrollment Trends:

Annual (Medicare-Medicaid Duals) Enrollment Trends (Ever-enrolled):

National- and State-level Trends:

Full-Benefit Dual Eligibility Loss Trends

Public Use File (PUF) of Demographic, Enrollment, Condition Prevalence, Utilization, & Spending (national- & state-level) - Latest Release 2006-2012 MMLEADS Data

Medicare-Medicaid Linked Enrollee Analytic Data Source (MMLEADS) Public Use File (PUF) Version 2.0 (MMLEADS PUF V2.0) (2006-2012) (09/15/2020) (XLSX)

MMLEADS-V2-PUF User Guide (Methodological Overview) (09/15/2020) (PDF)

Annual Profiles:



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