Pharmacy Toolkits

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Pharmacy Toolkits

The resources in these three toolkits will help pharmacy professionals make fewer mistakes, reduce the risk of audit, and save time.

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Pharmacy Self-Auditing Toolkit

This four-part self-auditing toolkit covers prescribing practices, controlled substances management, invoice management, and billing practices. Each module contains an educational video, a handout to accompany the video, and a booklet with a self-audit checklist. We have also provided a resource guide and a summary checklist for all four modules.

Module Educational Video Educational Video Handout Booklet
Module 1: Prescribing Practices YouTube - 39 minutes 10 pages (PDF) 16 pages (PDF)
Module 2: Controlled Substance Management YouTube - 40 minutes 9 pages (PDF) 12 pages (PDF)
Module 3: Invoice Management YouTube - 30 minutes 10 pages (PDF) 12 pages (PDF)
Module 4: Billing Practices YouTube - 40 minutes 9 pages (PDF) 18 pages (PDF)
Supplemental Materials
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Resource Guide (PDF)
A list of resources for further information about this topic.
(5 pages)
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Checklist, Modules 1-4 (PDF)
Provides all of the checklists, without explanatory content, for all 4 modules.
(11 pages)

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Pharmacy Prescribing and Billing Toolkit

The resources in this toolkit will help you avoid specific dispensing and billing errors that have occurred frequently in Medicaid claims.

Billing Job Aids for Certain Dosage Forms

Explain the correct way to count billing units and days’ supply for certain dosage forms.

Injectable Products Pharmaceutical Kits Oral Products Other Dosage Forms
21 pages (PDF) 14 pages (PDF) 8 pages (PDF) 15 pages (PDF)

Dosing Charts and Booklets for Certain Drug Classes

To help you dispense certain complicated drug classes correctly, we have created pediatric and adult dosing charts as well as fact sheets. The fact sheets summarize the indications, treatment guidelines, and adverse reactions and risks of each drug class.

Drug Class Adult Dosing Charts and Fact Sheets Pediatric Dosing Charts and Fact Sheets
Anticonvulsants /
Proton Pump
Inhibitors (PPIs)

Educational Resources for Enoxaparin

The class of drugs known as Enoxaparin is often problematic in Medicaid claims. These resources will help you accurately dispense and bill for this drug class.

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Off-Label Pharmaceutical Marketing Toolkit

“Off-label” drug use is when drugs are used for unapproved symptoms or conditions, in unapproved patient groups, or in unapproved dosages. Promoting off-label drug use may negatively affect quality of care. Anyone who promotes such use may be liable for the resulting false Medicaid claims.

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