Home Health Grouper Software Beta Testing

Home Health Grouper Software Beta Testing

Signing Up for Beta Testing

Each update of the Home Health Grouper software will be available for beta testing approximately 6-8 weeks prior to the implementation date. To sign up to beta test the Home Health January v05.0.24 Software release, please email hhppsgrouperemail@mmm.com with contact information. The beta test period is from October 17 through October 28, 2022. Once email has been received you will be contacted with additional information on how to obtain the software package.

The Beta Process

There are typically 3 releases of the software each year: January, April, and October. The general release of the software is approximately 6-8 weeks prior to the implementation date. Approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the general release, you will be notified that the beta test package is ready for download. Please remember to have your IDs and passwords up to date to access the beta software.


The beta test period is between two and three weeks long. Upon receipt of the beta package, testers will be expected to:

  • Create test cases to test items outlined in the summary of data changes document.
  • Test the application by:
    • running the test file included in the software package
    • confirming test results with expected results stored in the input file.
  • Communicate immediately if any problems are identified during installation or if any questions or comments arise during the beta testing. Contact information will be provided to beta test designees with each distribution.
  • Complete testing and report on your findings to the contact listed in the software package within ten business days of having the beta release made available.
  • Interactive is not a part of beta testing
  • Send any comments or questions to: hhppsgrouperemail@mmm.com

As a beta tester, software and information will be released to you for HH PDGM grouper beta testing before being released to the general public. With the exception of your designated contact, this material may not be discussed with, or distributed to anyone outside of your organization. To prevent unauthorized release, access to this information within your organization should be limited to individuals who are directly involved in the beta testing.

Thank you for your interest in participating in the beta testing of the CMS Home Health Grouper Software.

Support for the HH-PPS Grouper Software Beta Testing

For related questions, please use the following contacts:

  • Email: CMS_IT_SERVICE_DESK@cms.hhs.gov or contact CMS IT Service Desk, phone 410-786-2580 or 1-800-562-1963: Contact for questions with HH-PPS Beta release notification or HH-PPS beta software download
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