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Consortium for Financial Management & Fee-for-Service Operations

Gregory Dill

Acting Consortium Administrator

CAPT Gregory Dill is an active duty Commissioned Corps officer assigned to CMS and the Acting Administrator of the Consortium for Financial Management and Fee for Service Operations (CFMFFSO) at CMS. He leads the administration of the Medicare fee-for-service program at the regional level to protect over 57 million beneficiaries, inform over 1.6 million health care providers, physicians and practitioners, and ensure the Medicare program’s fiscal integrity. CAPT Dill is also the San Francisco Regional Administrator (RA) and Deputy Consortium Administrator for CFMFFSO, responsible for representing CMS in California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii and the Pacific Territories.

Prior to this CAPT Dill was the Associate RA for the Chicago Division of CFMFFSO from 2006 to 2016. CAPT Dill provided regional and consortium leadership on the local administration of the FFS program through expert customer service, contractor oversight and professional relationships.

Greg has more than twenty years of experience in the healthcare delivery field, including the past ten years with CFMFFSO and three years with CMS’ Center for Medicare as a policy pharmacist. Prior to joining CMS, Greg worked at the Department of Defense, Food and Drug Administration and in the private sector. Greg transferred his commission from the US Army to the US Public Health Service in 2003, and has served HHS in various public health roles and deployments. Greg holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Illinois and a Master of Public Health degree from the California College for Health Sciences.