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This document went on display at the Office of the Federal Register on August 1, 2005, and will appear in the Federal Register on August 8, 2005. The comment period will close 60 days from the date of display, September 30, 2005.
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1.Fully Implemented Proposed 2006 Practice Expense Relative Value Units 2.Recommendations Regarding Supplemental Practice Expense Data Submitted for 2006, Evaluation of Survey Data for: Urology, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Allergy/Immunology, Diagnostic Imaging Centers, and Freestanding Radiation Oncology Centers. Prepared by The Lewin Group, June 8, 2005. 3.Direct Practice Expense Values Used to Create Resource-Based Practice Expense Relative Value Units for Calendar Year 2006: This file contains resource inputs used in establishing resource-based practice expense values for more than 7,000 physician services. There are 3 different types of practice inputs: clinical staff, medical supplies and medical equipment. The source of the resource inputs are from one of the following: (1) Clinical Practice Expert Panels (CPEPs) convened in 1995 to develop estimates of the different types of resource inputs necessary to perform medical services (2) A crosswalk to a related service developed based upon a clinical opinion by CMS (formerly known as HCFA) (3) the AMA's Relative Value Update Committee (RUC) (4) refinement of the CPEP inputs by the AMA's Practice Expense Advisory Committee (PEAC) or the Practice Expense Review Committee (which replaced the PEAC in September 2004) (5) CMS 's clinical judgment or (6) A medical specialty society.