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Home Health Agency (HHA) – Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) Education Coordinator and OASIS Automation Coordinator Funding and Support
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• OASIS Education Coordinators (OECs): Each State Survey Agency (SA) designates an employee as its OEC. These coordinators provide training and support to home health providers on the OASIS data set administration. • OASIS Automation Coordinators (OACs): Each SA designates an employee as its OAC. These coordinators provide support to home health agencies on OASIS data entry. • Funding: The funding for these positions is included in the annual SA survey and certification budget. • Technical Support: The Division of Chronic and Post-Acute Care (DCPAC) has assumed responsibility for technical support to OECs. The Division of Quality Systems for Assessments and Surveys (DQSAS) will provide technical support to the OASIS OACs.