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Survey Process for Reviewing Home Dialysis Services in a Long Term Care (LTC) Facility
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Dialysis Services in a LTC Facility: Medicare participating End Stage Renal Disease(ESRD) facilities must comply with the Conditions for Coverage at 42 CFR Part 494.Under this provision, Medicare-approved ESRD facilities may provide dialysis services toLTC residents in a LTC facility with an approved Home Training and Support modality.ESRD facilities that provide home hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis services to LTCresidents must maintain compliance with these requirements, including the requirementsset forth at §494.100: Care at home. •Survey Process for Evaluation of Home Dialysis in a LTC Facility: The ESRDCore Survey Process has been updated to include additional survey activities whichaddress dialysis services provided by an ESRD facility to residents in a LTCfacility. •Attachments: Included as an attachment to this memorandum is Exhibit IV: SurveyProcess for ESRD Surveyors Reviewing Dialysis in Nursing Homes for evaluation ofhome dialysis services provided in a LTC facility.