RUG-III (M3PI) 8/10/98

Medicare PPS RUG-III Classification for FY 2001. The current RUG-III system, version 5.12, will remain in effect for Medicare PPS for federal Fiscal Year 2001. There will be no changes in RUG-III classification on 10/01/2000. The A01 CMI set for rural facilities and the A02 CMI set for urban facilities will remain in effect. A refined RUG-III classification system is being investigated, but requires additional research and will not be available in FY2001.

Ordinary language worksheets for performing RUGs Version 5.12 classifications. These worksheets serve as recipes that the user can follow to perform both 44 group and 34 group classifications. These worksheets should allow non-programmers to better understand and use RUGs.

Minor corrections to the RUGs Grouper programs for Versions 5.11 and 5.12. The corrected Grouper versions are being released with version codes 5.11B and 5.12B. These changes should only affect facilities that directly use the Grouper program for RUGs classification. Facilities that use proprietary MDS software, the CMS provided RAVEN software, or the CMS provided RUGs DLL (version 5.12) should be unaffected.

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