0074 - Drugs and Biologicals in Single-Dose Vials: Incorrect Units Billed

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0074 - Drugs and Biologicals in Single-Dose Vials: Incorrect Units Billed
Review Type
Provider Type
Outpatient Hospital; Professional Services
MAC Jurisdiction
All A/B MACs
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Claims billed with excessive or insufficient units will be reviewed to determine the actual amount administered and the correct number of billable/payable units. 

Affected Code(s)

C9132, J0178, J0180, J0202, J0221, J0256, J0475, J0485, J0490, J0583, J0585, J0588, J0775, J0881, J0894, J0897, J1300, J1439, J1459, J1557, J1561, J1566, J1568, J1569, J1572, J1602, J1745, J1786, J1930, J2182, J2323, J2326, J2350, J2353, J2357, J2505, J2507, J2562, J2778, J2796, J3101, J3262, J3357, J3380, J3385, J3489, J7312, J7325, J7326, J7327, J9022, J9023, J9033, J9035, J9041, J9042, J9043, J9047, J9055, J9145, J9173, J9176, J9179, J9205, J9228, J9263, J9264, J9271, J9280, J9285, J9299, J9301, J9303, J9305, J9306, J9307, J9308, J9310, J9311, J9312, J9315, J9354, J9395, Q2043, Q2050, J1750, Q0138, 20610, 20611, 67028, 96360, 96361, 96365, 96366, 96367, 96368, 96369, 96370, 96371, 96372, 96373, 96374, 96375, 96376, 96377, 96401, 96402, 96405, 96406, 96409, 96411, 96413, 96415, 96416, 96417, 96420, 96422, 96423, 96425, 96440, 96446, 96450, 96542, J0220, J0480, J0584, J0586, J0587, J0598, J1442, J1610, J1640, J2278, J3111, J3370, J7170, J7179, J7198, J7201, J7205, J7207, J9025, J9032, J9153, P9045, P9047, J1750, Q0138, J0179, J0207, J0222, J0223, J0257, J0291, J0401, J0517, J0565, J0596, J0597, J0598, J0638, J0791, J0795, J0840, J0841, J0850, J0875, J0896, J1162, J1190, J1290, J1303, J1322, J1458, J1571, J1575 J1743, J1746, J1931, J1943, J1944, J2350, J2407, J2425, J2426, J2724, J2783, J2786, J2794, J2860, J3032, J3060, J3095, J3241, J3245, J3304, J3358, J3396, J9039, J9044, J9050, J9119, J9120, J9144, J9155, J9203, J9204, J9207, J9210, J9227, J9229, J9309, J9317, J9325, J9330, J9352, J9357, J9358, J9400, C9074, J0224, J1305, J1823, J2506, J7168, J7311, J7313, J7314, J9047, J9061, J9177, J9223, J9247, J9261, J9266, J9272, J9281, J9308, J9316, J9318, J9319, J9353, Q5103, Q5104, Q5107, Q5108, Q5111, Q5115, Q5118, Q5119, Q5120, Q5121, Q5122, J0129, J0219, J0491, J0717, J0741, J1302, J1306, J1437, J1448, J1449, J1556, J1559, J1628, J1826, J1952, J2356, J2406, J2777, J3145, J3240, J3315, J7169, J7318, J7322, J7351, J7511, J9034, J9037, J9198, J9202, J9245, J9268, J9269, J9274, J9298, J9302, J9304, J9332, J9349, J9355, J9356, J9359, J9600, Q3027, Q5123, Q5124, Q5126, Q5128, Q5130

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