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State health expenditure accounts: building blocks for state health spending analysis.
First Author
Levit, Katharine R
Date of Pub
1995 Fall
Other Authors
Cowan, Cathy A; Lazenby, Helen C; Sivarajan, Lekha; Stewart, Madie W; Stiller, Jean M; Won, Darleen K
The dynamics of financing health care among various levels of government and the private sector are rapidly changing; structural relationships among health care providers are also being altered. These changes are placing increased importance on State-level expenditure estimates that will be instrumental in measuring the differential impact of Federal policies and State-specific initiatives on individual States. This article presents personal health care expenditures (PHCE) for 1980-93. Statistics show wide variation in level and rate of growth of regional spending per person. These statistics also quantify differences in both the percent of health care costs in each State borne by Medicare and Medicaid and in the proportion of each State's economy devoted to the provision of health care.
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Aged : Comparative Study : Dental Health Services/economics/statistics & numerical data : Drug Costs/statistics & numerical data : Health Expenditures/statistics & numerical data : Health Maintenance Organizations/economics/statistics & numerical data : Health Policy : Home Care Services/economics/statistics & numerical data : Human : Medicaid/economics/statistics & numerical data : Medicare/economics/statistics & numerical data : Nursing Homes/economics/statistics & numerical data : Primary Health Care/economics/statistics & numerical data : State Health Plans/economics/statistics & numerical data : United States
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