Part D Call Center Requirements

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Part D Call Center Requirements

Some plans may not have received this attachment in an earlier HPMS email. The call center requirements are being resent to include all Part D plans.

The attached table contains CMS' requirements for beneficiary customer service, pharmacy technical support, exceptions, and appeals phone numbers. The attachment is also located in the "Downloads" area of

Instructions for updating contact information in HPMS:

On the HPMS homepage, go to the "Contract Management" category. Select the "Contract Management" flyout menu item. Once inside the Contract Management Module, go to "Select Contract Number" and make your selection. After selecting your contract number, go to "Contact Information" and select the contact to be updated. On the contact entry page, the user can toggle between the various contacts to view/enter their data and copy one contact to another, if appropriate. Following entry of the data, the user will be given a confirmation page before actually updating the database.

If you have any questions about these requirements please contact your Part D account manager. Thank you.