Clarification of the Accrediting Organizations (AOs) Role when a Provider or Suppliers Deemed Status has been Temporarily Removed

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Clarification of the Accrediting Organization’s (AO’s) Role when a Provider or Supplier’s Deemed Status has been Temporarily Removed
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18-12-Deemed Providers/Suppliers
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Fiscal Year
*** Revised to clarify AO Expectations and Processes Related to its CMS-approved Accreditation Program***
• Temporary Removal of Deemed Status: It is imperative that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) notify the appropriate AO when deemed status is removed and a provider or supplier is placed under State Survey Agency (SA) jurisdiction.
• Impact on AOs: CMS will not accept any accreditation decisions or recommendations made by an AO based on a Medicare accreditation survey conducted while the provider or supplier is under SA jurisdiction.
• Delay of Triennial Survey: Temporary removal of deemed status is an acceptable reason for the delayed conduct of a triennial survey. Once deemed status is restored, the AO is expected to delay the triennial survey for a reasonable period of time to ensure the integrity of an unannounced survey.