Transplant Centers: Citation for Outcome Requirements

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Transplant Centers: Citation for Outcome Requirements
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***This policy memorandum supersedes policy memorandums S&C: 10-16-Transplant and S&C 08-17-Transplant ***
• Background: Certain Medicare-approved organ transplant center programs must maintain one-year patient and graft survival rates consistent with the Standard: Outcome requirements within the Transplant Center Conditions of Participation (CoP) at 42 CFR §482.82. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) uses risk-adjusted statistical reports, released semi-annually by the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR), to measure and determine program compliance.
• Enforcement of the Outcomes Requirement: Beginning with the January 2017 SRTR center-specific reports, CMS will identify those transplant programs who cross CMS’ thresholds for one-year patient and/or graft survival rates, in accordance with 42 CFR §482.82(c). Simultaneously, CMS will review more recent SRTR data to determine whether the program’s one year patient/graft survival rate is improving, static or declining. If the program is out of compliance upon the release of the next SRTR report and is not showing improvement in more recent data, CMS will consider the program to be non-compliant at a Condition level and may conduct an on-site survey to determine whether there are deficiencies with other requirements.