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Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight

Kevin Counihan, Deputy Administrator and Director

Jeff Wu, Acting Deputy Center and Policy Director

Karen Shields, Deputy Center and Operations Director

Business Operations Staff

Jennifer Fiedelholtz, Director

Office of Special Initiatives and Pricing

Vacant, Director

Consumer Support Group

Jennifer Beeson, Director
Health Care.Gov Division - Brian James, Director
Consumer Services Division - Julia Dreier, Director
Appeals Division - Paul Tibbits, Director
Transparency and Disclosures Division - Deborah Bryant, Director

Insurance Programs Group

Gloria Parker, Acting Director
PCIP Division - Jay Williamson, Acting Director
ERRP Division - David Gardner, Director
CO-OP Division -Kelly O'Brien, Director

Oversight Group

Samara Lorenz, Director
Market Rules Division - James Mayhew, Director
Enforcement Division - Kathryn Dzurec-Dunton, Director
Medical Loss Ratio Division - Julie McCune, Director
Rates Review Division - Julie McCune, Acting Director

Exchange Policy and Operations Group

Lourdes Grindal-Miller, Director
Division of Exchanges Implementation and Policy Coordination - Dean Mohs, Director
Division of Eligibility and Enrollment Policy Operations - Beth Liu, Acting Director
Division of Plan Management Policy and Operations - Joy Kraybilll, Acting Director

Payment Policy and Financial Management Group

Chris Martin, Acting Director
Division of Policy and Analysis - Jeff Wu, Director
Division of Financial Transfers and Operations - Pam Koenig, Director
Division of Risk Adjustment Operations - Lateefah Hughes, Director
Division of Reinsurance Operations - Dan Miller, Director

State Exchange Group

Mayra Alvarez, Director
Division of State Technical Assistance - Jenny Chen, Director
Division of Policy and Market Analysis - Dena Puskin, Director
Division of State Operations - Vacant, Director

Functional Statement

  • Provides national leadership in setting and enforcing standards for health insurance that promote fair and reasonable practices to ensure affordable, quality health care coverage is available to all Americans.
  • Provides consumers with comprehensive information on insurance coverage options currently available so they may make informed choices on the best health insurance for themselves and their families and issues consumer assistance grants to States.
  • Implements, monitors compliance with, and enforces the new rules governing the insurance market such as the prohibition on rescissions and on pre-existing condition exclusions for children. Conducts external appeals for States that do not have that authority.
  • Implements, monitors compliance with, and enforces the new rules regarding medical loss ratio standards and the insurance premium rate review process, and issues premium rate review grants to States.
  • Administers the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan program and associated grant funding to States, the Early Retiree Reinsurance Program, and the Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan program.
  • Collects, compiles and maintains comparative pricing data for an internet portal providing information on insurance options, and provides assistance to enable consumers to obtain maximum benefit from the new health insurance system.
  • Collects, compiles and maintains comparative pricing data for the Department's web site, provides assistance to enable consumers to understand the new health insurance laws and regulations, and establishes and issues consumer assistance grants to States.
  • Develops and implements policies and rules governing State-based Exchanges, establishes and issues Exchange Planning and Establishment to States, oversees the operations of State-based Exchanges, and administers Exchange in States that elect not to establish their own.