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Center for Clinical Standards and Quality

Kate Goodrich, Director and CMS Chief Medical Officer
David Wright, Acting Deputy Director
Jeneen Iwugo, Deputy Director

Shari Ling, CMS Deputy Chief Medical Officer

Office of Clinician Engagement

Barry Marx, M.D., Director

Business Operations Group

Rachael Weinstein, Director
Sherry Armstead, Acting Deputy Director
Division of Administrative Operations - Sherry Armstead, Director
Division of Budget and Contract Management - Doug Rimel, Director
Division of Survey and Certification and CLIA Budget – Jeff Pleines, Director

Clinical Standards Group

John Thomas, Director
Sheila Blackstock, Deputy Director
Division of Institutional Quality Standards - Lisa Parker, Director
Division of Non-Institutional Quality Standards - Maria Hammel, Director

Coverage and Analysis Group

Tamara Syrek Jensen, Director
Joseph Chin, M.D., Deputy Director
Evidence Development Division - Rosemarie Hakim, Acting Director
Division of Policy and Evidence Review - Lori Ashby, Director; Lori Ashby, Deputy Director
Division of Business Operations - Tamara Syrek Jensen, Acting Director
Division of Policy Coordination and Implementation - Janet Brock, Director

Information Systems Group

Steven Davidson, Director
Mark Plaugher, Deputy Director
Systems Implementation Staff - Brent Weaver, Director
Information Security Staff - Seth Thomas, Director
Division of Quality Systems and Operations Support - Adam Heller, Director; Roni Garland, Deputy Director
Division of Quality Systems Governance, Engineering, and Development - Tom Lantz, Director; Ginny Valles-McCullough, Deputy Director
Division of PQRS and ESRD Systems - Anne Weinstein, Director; Dana Boritz, Deputy Director
Division of Hospitals, ASC, and QIO Systems - Debra Santos, Director; Curtis Phillips, Deputy Director
Division of Quality Systems for Assessments and Surveys – Mitzi Christ, Director; Ellen Berry, Deputy Director
Division of Acquisitions and Budget - Jennifer Dubbs, Director; Kurt Austin, Deputy Director

Quality Improvement and Innovation Group

Dennis Wagner, Director
Anita Monteiro, Acting Deputy Director
Paul McGann, M.D., Chief Medical Officer for Quality Improvement
Division of ESRD, Population and Community Health - Traci Archibald, Director; Sophia Autrey, Deputy Director
Division of Beneficiary Healthcare Improvement and Safety – Steven Rubio, Director; Confidence Gbarayor, Deputy Director
Division of Program Management, Communications and Evaluation - Renee Dupee, Acting Director
Division of Quality Improvement Innovation Models Testing - Jade Perdue, Director; Brenda Gentles, Deputy Director
Division of Transforming Clinical Practices - Robert Flemming, Director; Shawan Johnson, Deputy Director

Quality Measurement and Value-Based Incentives Group

Michelle Schreiber, M.D., Director
Tamyra Garcia, Acting Deputy Director
Reena Duseja, M.D., Chief Medical Officer for Quality Measurement
Division of Chronic and Post Acute Care - Stella Mandl, Director; Mary Pratt, Deputy Director
Division of Quality Measurement - Vacant, Director; Cynthia Tourison, Deputy Director
Division of Electronic and Clinician Quality - Aucha Prachanronarong, Director; Regina Chell, Deputy Director
Division of Program and Measurement Support - Maria Durham, Director; Melissa Evans, Deputy Director
Division of Health Information Technology - Jayne Hammen, Director; Vacant, Deputy Director
Division of Value, Incentives and Quality Reporting - Jim Poyer, Director; Vacant, Deputy Director

Quality and Safety Oversight Group

Karen Tritz, Acting Director
Tennille Rogers, Deputy Director
Division of Acute Care Services - Karen Tritz, Director; Vacant, Deputy Director
Division of Clinical Laboratory Improvement and Quality - Karen Dyer, Director; Regina Van Brakle, Deputy Director
Division of Nursing Homes - Evan Shulman, Director; LT Tara Lemons, Acting Deputy Director
Division of Continuing Care Providers - Peggye Wilkerson, Director; James Cowher, Acting Deputy Director
Quality and Safety Education Division - Tennille Rogers, Acting Director

Functional Statement

  • Serves as the focal point for all quality, clinical, medical science issues, survey and certification, and policies for CMS' programs. Provides leadership and coordination for the development and implementation of a cohesive, CMS-wide approach to measuring and promoting quality and leads CMS' priority-setting process for clinical quality improvement. Coordinates quality-related activities with outside organizations. Monitors quality of Medicare, Medicaid, and the Clinical Laboratory and Improvement Amendments (CLIA). Evaluates the success of interventions.
  • Identifies and develops best practices and techniques in quality improvement; implementation of these techniques will be overseen by appropriate components. Develops and collaborates on demonstration projects to test and promote quality measurement and improvement.
  • Develops, tests, evaluates, adopts and supports performance measurement systems (i.e., quality measures) to evaluate care provided to CMS beneficiaries except for demonstration projects residing in other components.
  • Assures that CMS' quality-related activities (survey and certification, technical assistance, beneficiary information, payment policies and provider/plan incentives) are fully and effectively integrated. Carries out the Health Care Quality Improvement Program for the Medicare, Medicaid, and CLIA programs.
  • Oversees the planning, policy, coordination and implementation of the survey, certification and enforcement programs for all Medicare and Medicaid providers and suppliers, and for laboratories under the auspices of CLIA.
  • Serves as CMS' lead for management, oversight, budget, and performance issues relating to the survey and certification program and the related interactions with the States.
  • Leads in the specification and operational refinement of an integrated CMS quality information system, which includes tools for measuring the coordination of care between health care settings; analyzes data supplied by that system to identify opportunities to improve care and assess success of improvement interventions.
  • Develops requirements of participation for providers and plans in the Medicare, Medicaid, and CLIA programs. Revises requirements based on statutory change and input from other components.
  • Operates the Quality Improvement Organization and End-Stage Renal Disease Network program in conjunction with Regional Offices, providing policies and procedures, contract design, program coordination, and leadership in selected projects.
  • Identifies, prioritizes and develops content for clinical and health related aspects of CMS' Consumer Information Strategy; collaborates with other components to develop comparative provider and plan performance information for consumer choices.
  • Prepares the scientific, clinical, and procedural basis for coverage of new and established technologies and services and provides coverage recommendations to the CMS Administrator. Coordinates activities of CMS' Technology Advisory Committee and maintains liaison with other departmental components regarding the safety and effectiveness of technologies and services; prepares the scientific and clinical basis for, and recommends approaches to, quality related medical review activities of carriers and payment policies.