Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services

Anne Marie Costello, Acting Deputy Administrator, and Director

Karen Shields, Deputy Director

Judith Cash, Acting Deputy Director

Medicaid Innovation Accelerator Program Strategy and Support Staff

Karen Llanos, Director
Vacant, Deputy Director

Children and Adults Health Programs Group

Sarah DeLone, Director
Amy Lutzky, Deputy Director
Vacant, Deputy Director
Division of State Coverage Programs - Margaret Barry, Acting Director; Liz Garbarcyzk, Acting Deputy Director
Division of Quality and Health Outcomes - Karen Matsuoka, Director; Elizabeth Clark, Deputy Director
Division of Medicaid Eligibility Policy - Sarah Spector, Acting Director; Elizabeth Garbarczyk, Acting Deputy Director
Division of Tribal Affairs - Kitty Marx, Director
Division of Enrollment Policy and Operations - Jessica Stephens, Director

Disabled and Elderly Health Programs Group

Melissa Harris, Acting Director
Carrie Smith,  Deputy Director
Division of Benefits and Coverage - Kirsten Jensen, Director; Rachel Dressel, Deputy Director
Division of Long Term Services and Supports - Ralph Lollar, Director; George Failla, Deputy Director
Division of Community Systems Transformation - Jennifer Bowdoin, Director; Jean Close, Deputy Director
Division of Pharmacy - John Coster, Director; Cynthia Denemark, Deputy Director
Division of Managed Care Policy - John Giles, Director; Alexis Gibson, Deputy Director
Division of Health Homes, PACE and COB/TPL - Mary Pat Farkas, Director; Vacant, Deputy Director

Data and Systems Group

Julie Boughn, Director
Loretta Schickner, Deputy Director
Division of State Systems - Edward Dolly, Director; Nicholas Aretakis, Deputy Director
Division of Information Systems - Kaitlin Devine, Director; Deanna Greene, Deputy Director
Division of Business Essential Systems - Dona Coffman, Director; Vacant, Deputy Director
Division of Business and Data Analysis - Cathy Benoit, Acting Director
Division of HITECH and MMIS - Dung Hoang, Director; CAPT Samuel Schaffzin, Deputy Director

Financial Management Group

Rory Howe, Acting Director
Amber MacCarroll, Acting Deputy Director
Francis McCullough, Deputy Director
Division of Financial Operations East – Robert Lane, Director; Leticia Barraza, Deputy Director
Budget and Grants Branch – Jeanie Chan, Branch Manager
Financial Operations East Branch A – Robert Parris, Branch Manager
Financial Operations East Branch B – Alma Solomon, Branch Manager
Financial Operations East Branch C – Richard Holligan, Branch Manager
Division of Financial Operations West – Dorothy Ferguson, Director; Trinia Hunt, Acting Deputy Director
Financial Operations West Branch A – Brian Burdullis, Branch Manager
Financial Operations West Branch B – Davida Kimble, Branch Manager
Financial Operations West Branch C – Trinia Hunt, Branch Manager
Financial Operations West Branch D – Anh Ta, Branch Manager
Division of Financial Policy - Jennifer Clark, Acting Director; Stuart Goldstein, Acting Deputy Director
Development and Oversight Branch – Deborah McClure, Acting Branch Manager
Audit and Review Branch – Charlie Arnold, Branch Manager
Division of Reimbursement Review – Todd McMillion, Director; Tamara Sampson, Deputy Director
Division of Reimbursement Policy - Jeremy Silanskis, Director; Christopher Thompson, Deputy Director

Operations Services Group

Angela Corbin, Director
Mary K. Schmidt, Deputy Director
Division of Budget and Acquisitions - Angela Corbin, Acting Director
Division of Operations and Executive Support - Kenneth Taylor, Director
Division of Human Capital - Monique St. Louis, Director
Division of Communications and Outreach - Jayne Hammen, Director

State Demonstrations Group

Teresa DeCaro, Acting Director
Mehreen Rashid, Deputy Director
Teresa DeCaro, Deputy Director
Division of Eligibility and Coverage Demonstrations - Andrea Casart, Director; Jennifer Kostesich, Deputy Director
Division of System Reform Demonstrations - Angela Garner, Director; Vacant, Deputy Director
Division of Demonstration Monitoring and Evaluation - Danielle Daly, Director; Vacant, Deputy Director

Medicaid and CHIP Operations Group

Courtney Miller, Director
Jackie Glaze, Deputy Director
Division of Program Operations - James Scott, Director; Ruth Hughes, Deputy Director
State Operations Branch North – Sophia Hinojosa, Acting Branch Manager
State Operations Branch South – Katie Holt, Branch Manager
State Operations Branch East – Nicole McKnight, Branch Manager
State Operations Branch West – Billy Bob Farrell, Branch Manager
Division of Managed Care Operations - Bill Brooks, Director; Shantrina Roberts, Deputy Director
East Branch – Sabrina Tillman-Boyd, Branch Manager 
Midwest Branch – Mara Siler-Price, Branch Manager
West Branch – Lynn Delvecchio, Branch Manager
Division of HCBS Operations and Oversight- David Meacham, Director; Wendy Hill Petras, Deputy Director
HCBS Operations and Oversight East Branch – Cynthia Nanes, Branch Manager
HCBS Operations and Oversight West Branch – Dominique Mathurin, Branch Manager

Functional Statement

  • Serves as CMS's focal point for assistance with formulation, coordination, integration, and implementation of all national program policies and operations relating to Medicaid, the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and the Basic Health Program (BHP).
  • In partnership with States, assists State agencies in successfully carrying out their responsibilities for effective program administration and beneficiary protection, and, as necessary, supports States in correcting problems and improving the quality of their operations.
  • Identifies and proposes modifications to Medicaid, CHIP, and BHP program measures, regulations, laws, and policies to reflect changes or trends in the health care industry, program objectives, and the needs of Medicaid, CHIP, and BHP beneficiaries. Collaborates with the Office of Legislation on the development and advancement of new legislative initiatives and improvements.
  • Serves as CMS's lead for management, oversight, budget, and performance issues relating to Medicaid, CHIP, BHP, and the related interactions with States and the stakeholder community.
  • Coordinates with the Center for Program Integrity on the identification of program vulnerabilities and implementation of strategies to eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse.  Leads and supports all CMS interactions and collaboration relating to Medicaid, CHIP, and BHP with States and local governments, territories, Indian Tribes, and tribal healthcare providers, key stakeholders (e.g., consumer and policy organizations and the health care provider community) and other Federal government entities.  Facilities communication and disseminates policy and operational guidance and materials to all stakeholders and works to understand and consider their perspectives, support their efforts, and to develop best practices for beneficiaries across the country and throughout the health care system.
  • Develops and implements a comprehensive strategic plan, objectives, and measures to carry out CMS's Medicaid, CHIP, and BHP mission and goals and positions the organization to meet future challenges with Medicaid, CHIP, and BHP.
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