Center for Program Integrity

George Mills, Jr., Acting Deputy Administrator and Director

George Mills, Jr., Deputy Center Director

Bradley Hart, Deputy Director

Executive Support Group

Lisa Jarvis-Durham - Director
Hiring and Administrative Support Staff - Vacant, Director
Division of Clearance and Correspondence – Tomiko Wilson-Coe, Director; John Graham, Deputy Director

Provider Enrollment and Oversight Group

Zabeen Chong, Director
Charles Schalmn, Deputy Director
Division of Enrollment Systems - Vani Annadata, Director; Carl Schell, Deputy Director
Division of Enforcement Actions - Vacant, Director; Kristin Cooper, Deputy Director
Division of Enrollment Policy and Operations - Alisha Sanders, Director; Joseph Schultz, Deputy Director
Division of Provider Enrollment Appeals – Minisha Hicks, Director; Timothy Trego, Deputy Director
Division of Quality and Compliance - Jami Lookabill, Director; Michael Cimmino, Deputy Director

Data Analytics and Systems Group

Raymond Wedgeworth, Director
Kathy Wolf, Deputy Director
Division of Investigative Systems Management - Joann Marshall, Director; Tiffany Stouder, Deputy Director
Division of Modeling and Analytics - Saeed Ahmad, Director; Wendy Alexander, Deputy Director
Division of Outcomes Measurement - Marin Gemmill, Director; Jason Culotta, Deputy Director
Division of Provider Systems Management - Erick Royle, Director; Erin Shoemaker, Deputy Director
Division of Transparency Projects – Veronika Peleschuk-Fradlin, Director; Andrew Mack, Deputy Director
Division of Investigative & Business Analytics – Bethany Messick, Director

Investigations and Fraud Prevention Partnerships Group

Sherri McQueen, Acting Director
Kathleen McGinty, Acting Deputy Director
Peter Leonis, Deputy Director
Division of Provider Investigations - Horace Dozier, Acting Director; Michael Tripp, Deputy Director
Division of Investigative Support - Karen Roe, Director
Division of Field Operations - North - Elizabeth Lindner, Director; Hulio Griffin, Acting Deputy Director
Division of Field Operations - South - Horace Dozier, Director
Division of Field Operations - East - Vacant, Director
Division of Field Operations - West - Lawrence Ball, Director
Division of Fraud Prevention Partnerships – Robin Usi, Director

Contract Management Group

Desiree Wheeler, Director
Cindy Sisti, Deputy Director
Budget Formulation and Execution Staff – Teresa Krause, Director
Division of Investigations and Audit Contracts - John Webster, Director; Vicki Chitwood,  Deputy Director
Division of Program Integrity Support Contracts - Candice Johnson, Acting Director
Division of Acquisition Strategies and Planning - Kenneth Fleet, Director; Vacant, Deputy Director

Audits and Vulnerabilities Group

Jennifer Dupee, Director
Steve Ferraina, Deputy Director
Vacant, Deputy Director
Division of Vulnerability, Innovation and Strategy - Dennis Sendros, Director; Laura Minassian-Kiefel, Deputy Director
Division of State Partnership - Camiel Rowe, Acting Director; Sean Johnson, Acting Deputy Director
Division of Prescription Drug Audits – Camille Brown, Director; Sonja Brown, Deputy Director
Division of State and Plan Program Integrity - Laura Battaglia, Director; Wanda Piagatt-Canty, Deputy Director
Division of Medicare Advantage Audits – David Gardner, Director

Provider Compliance Group

Connie Leonard, Director
Brian Elza, Deputy Director
Division of Medical Review – Daniel Schwartz, Director; Tamara Tate, Deputy Director
Division of Recovery Audit Operations – Ashley Badami, Director; Olive Davies-Cole, Acting Deputy Director
Division of Compliance Projects and Demonstrations – Joyce Davis, Director; Nicole Nicholson, Deputy Director
Division of Payment Methods and Strategies - Amy Cinquegrani, Director; Sabrina Betts, Acting Deputy Director
Division of Stakeholder Engagement and Outreach – Tiffane Muniz, Director; Vacant, Deputy Director

Functional Statement

  • Serves as CMS' focal point for all national and State-wide Medicare and Medicaid programs and CHIP integrity fraud and abuse issues.
  • Promotes the integrity of the Medicare and Medicaid programs and CHIP through provider/contractor audits and policy reviews, identification and monitoring of program vulnerabilities, and providing support and assistance to States. Recommends modifications to programs and operations as necessary and works with CMS Centers, Offices, and the Chief Operating Officer (COO) to affect changes as appropriate. Collaborates with the Office of Legislation on the development and advancement of new legislative initiatives and improvements to deter, reduce, and eliminate fraud, waste and abuse.
  • Oversees all CMS interactions and collaboration with key stakeholders relating to program integrity (i.e., U.S. Department of Justice, DHHS Office of Inspector General, State law enforcement agencies, other Federal entities, CMS components) for the purposes of detecting, deterring, monitoring and combating fraud and abuse, as well as taking action against those that commit or participate in fraudulent or other unlawful activities.
  • In collaboration with other CMS Centers, Offices, and the COO, develops and implements a comprehensive strategic plan, objectives and measures to carry out CMS' Medicare, Medicaid and CHIP program integrity mission and goals, and ensure program vulnerabilities are identified and resolved.
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