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Studies and Reports

The list below shows three types of reports: Report to Congress, CMS Contracted, and Other Government relating to utilization and policy for Outpatient Part B Therapy.


Report Title Type of Report Date
Medicare Financial Limitations on Outpatient Rehabilitation Services Report to Congress 2004-11-01
Standards for Supervision of PTAs and the Effects of Eliminating the Personal PTA Supervision Requirement on the Financial Caps for Medicare Therapy Services Report to Congress 2004-11-01
AdvanceMed - Costliest Report CMS Contracted 2004-11-22
AdvanceMed - Edit Report CMS Contracted 2004-11-15
AdvanceMed - Project Report CMS Contracted 2004-11-15
Outpatient Therapy Services Under Medicare: Background and Policy Issues CMS Contracted 2000-09-01
Urban Institute Report - PTA Supervision CMS Contracted 2002-08-01
Reports at the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) Website Other Government N/A
Urban Institute Report - Impact (Utilization) CMS Contracted 2001-09-01
AdvanceMed - Model Report CMS Contracted 2004-11-03
FOTO - Pay-for-Performance for Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy CMS Contracted 2006-10-18
CSC-Utilization and Edit CMS Contracted 2006-10-18
CY 2008 Outpatient Therapy Utilization Report CMS Contracted 2010-06-04
General Accountability Office - Reports and Testimony Related to Therapy Services Other Government 2001-11-30
DynCorp Report - Outpatient Therapy Utilization CMS Contracted 2002-09-16
CSC - Pilot Report CMS Contracted 2006-10-18
Office of Inspector General - Reports and Testimony Other Government 2001-11-30
CSC - 2006 Therapy Cap Report CMS Contracted 2008-03-21
CSC CY2006 Therapy Utilization CMS Contracted 2008-02-01
CSC - CY2006 Therapy Edit Tables CMS Contracted 2008-04-14
CSC STATS Reports - CY2008 Data CMS Contracted 2010-12-14
Developing Outpatient Therapy Payment Alternatives (DOTPA) CMS Contracted 2014-02-28