Intern and Resident Information System (IRIS)

Teaching hospitals are required to send in IRIS files as part of their cost report. These files contain a list of interns and residents being trained at that provider, as well as their assignment periods, and are used as supporting documentation for the Full Time Equivalent (FTE) counts claimed in the cost report, which form the basis for Direct Graduate Medical Education (DGME) and Indirect Medical Education (IME) reimbursement. CMS maintains an internal IRIS system that validates IRIS files sent in by providers and is used to identify overlaps where multiple hospitals end up claiming reimbursement for the same resident. CMS also maintains documentation for providers filling out their IRIS submissions.

There are a number of third-party vendors that offer software for creating IRIS files, which providers are encouraged to use. CMS also offers a legacy system (IRISv3) that providers may use in order to create their IRIS files, but which is scheduled for retirement.

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