Part D Payment and Risk Adjustment

This page provides information on the following areas:

  • Information on the final risk adjustment model.
  • Part D guidance on the demonstration concept first articulated in the February 25, 2005 Federal Register notice on the Part D Reinsurance Payment Demonstration.
  • Links to the final 2006 Medicare Advantage Rates Notice with Part D payment methods including the official version of the final Part D risk adjustment model and the Advance Notice of 2006 rates with the proposed Part D payment methodology.

The final risk adjustment model for Part D is described in the attached Excel file.  The official version of the final Part D risk adjustment model was published on April 4, 2005 in the final 2006 Medicare Advantage Rates Notice.  The file consists of the following 7 worksheets:

  1. An introduction with descriptive information about the other worksheets.
  2. The mapping of ICD-9-CM codes into disease groups (RXHCCs).
  3. The final risk model for plan liability with relative risk factors for each RXHCC and the long-term multiplicative factors.
  4. A new enrollee plan liability model used for payment.
  5. The hierarchical clustering of disease groups.
  6. A reference risk model for spending (not used for payment).
  7. An informational only new enrollee spending model (not used for payment).

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