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Revised Roll-Out of the New End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Core Survey Process
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This Memo Updates and Supersedes SC13-01-ESRD. Roll Out of the ESRD Core Survey Training: Roll-out of the new ESRD Core Survey process began on November 28, 2012. • FY 2013 Training: Core training is mandatory for all ESRD surveyors. Training spots for FY 2013 are in high demand so prioritize attendance, and register surveyors in the Total Learning Management System (LMS) as soon as possible. As much as possible, we seek to train “teams” of State ESRD surveyors instead of waiting to train States as a whole. • Core ESRD Surveys versus traditional ESRD Surveys: States may simultaneously have a team(s) of ESRD surveyors doing ESRD Core Surveys and a team(s) doing traditional ESRD surveys. CMS will continue to support both survey processes until all ESRD surveyors are trained in the ESRD Core Survey process. • Designating ESRD Core Surveys in Automated Survey Processing Environment (ASPEN): ESRD surveyors must designate their ESRD Core surveys in ASPEN. • Surveyor Technical Assistant for Renal Disease (STAR) Updates: CMS will continue to support STAR 3.4 for the ESRD surveyors who are doing the traditional ESRD surveys. We are currently revising STAR for use with the ESRD Core Survey process. • Implementation Support: As a supplement to traditional support for survey decisions through the State Agencies and Regional Offices, a specialized mailbox will provide additional support: