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QAPI Condition-Level Deficiency in Transplant Re-approval, Complaint and Focused Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (F-QAPI) Surveys for Organ Transplant Programs – Informational Only
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14-08-Transplant Programs
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Fiscal Year
REVISED 04.11.14 “Revised to extend the prospective termination date for all §482.96 Condition: Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI), to 210 days”. New to this version is new language in red on page 2 and an updated attachment. • F-QAPI Surveys: In July-August 2013, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) conducted a pilot of the new transplant F-QAPI survey, and will now proceed with full implementation of this survey, including the issuance of citations. • Purpose: The transplant F-QAPI survey provides CMS an opportunity for a more comprehensive assessment of compliance with the Transplant Program QAPI Condition of Participation (CoP) at §482.96. Additionally, the survey team may provide tools and information that programs can use to improve the effectiveness of their QAPI program. • UPDATE: The timeframe for prospective termination due to a QAPI condition-level deficiency will be 210 days regardless of the survey type (re-approval, complaint or F-QAPI).