Open Payments Covered Recipients

Covered Recipients

Every year, reporting entities are required to submit data to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) reflecting payments made to covered recipients. These payments include certain financial transactions and transfers of value made during the year unless an exclusion applies. CMS publishes this data annually, exactly as it is received, on the Open Payments data site.

Since Open Payments began, CMS has published $53.06 billion in payments from more than 2,000 reporting entities to over 1.08 million physicians.

You should check your data every year. Even if you don’t think data will be reported about you, reporting entities could submit data from previous years. Once data is reported, the pre-publication review and dispute period will give you time to review and/or dispute the data before it becomes public.

Learn more about how the Open Payments program operates.

Program Expansion

Program Expansion

Open Payments expanded in 2021 to include five new covered recipient types. Learn more on the Newly Added Covered Recipients page.

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