Review and Dispute for Open Payments Covered Recipients

Review and Dispute for Covered Recipients

Before you can review data, you'll need to be registered in the Open Payments System. Visit the Registration for Covered Recipients page for instructions.

Review Data Now

Each year, covered recipients have a 45-day pre-publication review and dispute period to help ensure their data is accurate before the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) publishes it.

Although the review and dispute process is voluntary, CMS strongly encourages covered recipients to review their data—and if necessary, dispute it—before it becomes public.

Review Your Data Quick Start Guide for Health Care Providers (PDF) gives you a quick overview of what you need to know when it comes to review and dispute.

Open Payments - Review and Dispute Tutorial for Covered Recipients

Open Payments Review and Dispute Tutorial for Covered Recipients

The Open Payments program has released a new video tutorial for covered recipients that explains the review and dispute process. Covered recipients can review their PY2022 data in the Open Payments system through the end of the calendar year.

Check out the video to learn more!

About the Review and Dispute Process

Why is it important to review Open Payments data?
Reviewing your data allows you to make sure payments attributed to you are accurate. If the data is wrong, you can dispute it and give the reporting entity the chance to make corrections.

When can you review and dispute data?
You can review and dispute data in the Open Payments system during the calendar year in which it is first published:

  • April 1-May 15 – Pre-Publication Review and Dispute Period
    Review your data and dispute any inaccuracies before the data is published.
  • May 15-30 – Data Correction
    Reporting entities will have time to correct records before they become public if disputes were initiated between April 1-May 15.
  • After May 15
    Corrections to disputes received after May 15 but before December 31 will be published during the data refresh in January.
  • By December 31
    Covered recipients may review and (if necessary) dispute the payments attributed to them by December 31 of the calendar year in which the data is first published.

For more information about the Open Payments calendar, refer to the Review and Dispute Timing Quick Reference Guide (PDF).

How do you review data?
In order to review your data within the Open Payments System, you must be registered in the CMS Identity Management system (IDM) and obtain access to the Open Payments system. For more information on registration and Review & Dispute activities, visit the Resources for Covered Recipients page.

Can a staff member review and dispute data on my behalf?
You may nominate one person to perform system-related activities on your behalf, including reviewing and disputing your data. Learn more about nominating an authorized representative on the Register as a Covered Recipient page.

Program Expansion

Open Payments expanded in 2021 to include five new covered recipient types. Learn more on the Newly Added Covered Recipients page.

Covered recipients can now register and participate in review and dispute. Learn more on the Resources for Covered Recipients page.

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