Toolkit Part 1: About this Toolkit

This page links to the download for Toolkit Part 1, About this Toolkit and how it can help you.  This part covers the following topics:

  • What is the Toolkit?
  • The Toolkit focuses on written material for CMS audiences.
    • What are "CMS audiences"?
    • What do we mean by "written material"?
  • What are "low literacy skills"?
    • How are literacy skills measured?
    • This Toolkit is oriented toward the needs of readers with only Basic level literacy skills.
    • If material works well for people with Basic level literacy skills, is it also suitable for those with skills above the Basic level?
  • The Toolkit is a health literacy resource.
    • What is health literacy and why is it a concern?
    • What can be done to improve health literacy?
    • What about written material and health literacy?
    • The Toolkit is a health literacy resource for improving written material.
    • We take a reader-centered approach to developing and testing written material.
  • How can the Toolkit help you?
    • What tools does it offer?
    • How can you use the Toolkit?

To view Toolkit Part 1, click the download listed below.  You are also allowed to save or print a copy of this download from your personal computer.

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