Toolkit Part 3: Summary of the Toolkit Guidelines

To help you develop or revise your written material, the Toolkit includes detailed guidelines for writing and design.  Toolkit Part 3 gives you the full list.  Among the benefits of using Toolkit Part 3, you can use it as a checklist to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your materials and to help guide improvements.

This page links to the download for Toolkit Part 3, Summary List of the "Toolkit Guidelines for Writing and Design".  This part covers the following topics:

  • Introduction
    • About the Toolkit
    • About the Toolkit Guidelines for Writing and Design
    • The Toolkit Guidelines apply broadly across literacy levels.
  • Tips on how to use the Toolkit Guidelines
    • Keep the focus on improvement.
    • Use a team approach.
    • Use the guidelines for a formal assessment.
    • Look at the material from the reader's point of view.
    • Make notes on your reactions.
    • Remember that readers' reactions are the ultimate test.
  • A list of the "Toolkit Guidelines for Writing"
  • A list of the "Toolkit Guidelines for Design"
  • How were the Toolkit guidelines developed?

To view Toolkit Part 3, click the download listed below.  You are also allowed to save or print a copy of this download from your personal computer.

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