Toolkit Part 8: Will your material be on the Web?

This page links to the download for Toolkit Part 8, Will your written material be on a website?  This part covers the following topics:

  • Introduction
    • Background on the Toolkit
    • What is the Toolkit?
    • The Toolkit focuses on written material in printed formats.
    • What if your written material will be on a website?
  • Printed material and websites -- how do they differ?
  • Do the "Toolkit Guidelines for Writing and Design" apply to websites?
  • Suggested resources for website writing and design
    • Resources for website writing and design
    • Studies of how older readers and people with low literacy skills use the Internet
  • Are you using a website to distribute documents for users to download and print?
    • Using websites as a distribution method for material that will be printed on paper
    • Will people have the access and skills to retrieve and print the material?
    • Tips for formatting documents that are distributed on websites for use in printed material

To view Toolkit Part 8, click the download listed below.  You are also allowed to save or print a copy of this download from your personal computer.

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