Go-to-Guidance | Guidance Letters

“Go-to-Guidance” is the short name for HIPAA Administrative Simplification Guidance Letters. These Guidance Letters include important guidance about DNS’ interpretation of the HIPAA Administrative Simplification laws and regulations, and current thinking on how to apply these. Guidance Letters do not include any new mandates, requirements or prohibitions, and are not legally binding upon covered entities. Although Guidance Letters themselves are not legally binding, they may refer to statute and regulation which is legally binding. Guidance Letters do not supersede policy found in statute or regulation. Though not legally binding, Guidance Letters may be taken into consideration by Administrative Law Judges and other adjudicators.


DNS has created a special mailbox to receive questions, comments and feedback on Guidance Letters, Bulletins, and FAQs, and any other related matters. The address for that mailbox is AdministrativeSimplification@cms.hhs.gov.

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