RUG-III Version 5.12 Grouper Package Files

RUG-III Version 5.12 Grouper Package Files

RUG-III (M3PI) version 5.12B is located in the Downloads section. Contents include (1) a DOS "Grouper" program that will update RUG-III classifications in an MDS 2.0 submission file in standard CMS format; (2) a "manual calculator" module in the Grouper program that allows the user to enter the RUG-III MDS items on-screen and then view the resulting classification; (3) standard logic ("pseudcode") for the 44 and 34 group models; (4) test databases in standard CMS format with known RUG-III classifications; and (5) associated documentation. There is also a text file (readme) with a brief description of RUG-III (M3PI) Grouper version 5.12B including installation instructions.

Version 5.12 SAS Code

Standard SAS code for Version 5.12 44-group RUG-III classification is available in the text file "RUG5_12.SAS". This code performs 44-group hierarchical classification but can be adapted by the user to perform 44-group Index Maximizing or Special Medicare classification. Documentation is available in extensive comments within the code itself and in a separate Adobe Acrobat file named "SAS5_12.PDF". Instructions for adapting the code for Index Maximizing and Special Medicare classification are given in the SAS5_12.PDF document.  Both files are contained in the zipped file located in the Downloads section.

Version 5.12 Classification Worksheets (dated 8/16/00)

The RUG-III Classification Worksheets located in the Downloads section are revised versions dated 8/16/00. These revised worksheets replace earlier worksheets that were dated 12/11/98. Revisions include one logic change in each worksheet and several wording clarifications in each worksheet. The Version 8/16/00 Change Document below details the specific revisions made.

These worksheets provide step-by-step recipes, in ordinary language, for performing Version 5.12 RUG-III classifications. The worksheets guide the user through all the necessary steps in performing the RUGs classification. They should serve as an aid to understanding and performing RUG-III classification, especially for the non-programmer.

44 Group Worksheet

See Download Section below for the 44 Group Worksheet.

34 Group Worksheet

See Download Section below for the 34 Group Worksheet.


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