MSIS Submission Format

The Medicaid Statistical Information System (MSIS) has changed beginning with reports for the first quarter (QTR1) of 1999. We have already begun to process data for Reporting Year 1999. The following information addresses problems that we have noted during testing. We expect this information will clarify the MSIS External Specifications and Data Dictionary.

1. Record Sizing

 File     LRECL   BLKSZRec/BLK     EL375     27,750  074   IP725     23,200  032   LT200     27,800  139   OT & RX  175     23,450  134

Above is the standard DCB information that MSIS uses to process files. As MSIS expands to encompass Direct:Connect (DASD intensive) record blocking will become very important.

2. File Name, Tape Labels and Volume Serials

The FULL filename must be on all paperwork, and on both the internal and external tape labels. We realize that the system derives internal labels based on the last 17 characters of the name. We strongly suggest however that each state code the FULL name in their JCL and allow the system to truncate the label to the last 17 positions..

File Name:
example: MW00.CA.YR1999.QTR1.Eligible

ss = state alpha abbreviation
ccyy = 4 position year
# = quarter number (1,2,3,4)
filename = file type

The Volume Serial Numbers (VOL=SER), for tape cartridges must be 6 positions long. The first 2 position must contain your own state's alpha code. The last 4 positions should be numeric. Also, Do Not place multiple files on a single tape cartridge. This practice creates read problems for the automated system.

3. Header Data

The file name must conform to the examples enumerated in #2 above. Do not use hyphens or other fillers between CLAIM and the file type (e.g. CLAIMIP ). All dates must be numeric and in CCYYMMDD format.

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