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UPIN Group File

The Group Unique Physician Identifier Number (UPIN) File is the business entity file that contains the group practice UPIN and descriptive information.  It does NOT associate individual physicians within the practice.  Additionally, group practice UPINs are not used in Medicare claims processing.  In other words, the UPIN on the Carrier SAF is the UPIN of the individual physician, not the group practice.  As a result, you would not be able to link the UPIN Group File with the Carrier SAF.

Data Format: Text

Approximate Size:  100 MB 

Compatible Software Programs:  Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL/DB2/Oracle, SAS or other statistical software.

Media: CD-ROM
File Cost: $100.00
Available: The Final Update is 2007 Q2

The UPIN has been discontinued as of June 2007 and replaced with the National Provider Identifier (NPI).  At this time, there are no plans to create an NPI file for public use.