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List of Past Articles

This list is designed to search the Health Care Financing Review (HCF Review journal for articles by author, title, abstract, by MeSH (Medical Subject Headings assigned by the National Library of Medicine) terms, or by National Technical Information Service (NTIS).


Title First Author Date of Pub Pages
Evaluating the predictive validity of nursing home pre-admission screens. Jackson, Mary E 1993 Summer 169-180
Analysis of services received under Medicare by specialty of physician. Pine, Penelope L 1981 Sep 89-116
Design of a prospective payment patient classification system for ambulatory care. Averill, Richard F 1993 Fall 71-100
Loss of Medicaid and access to health services. Brown, E Richard 1991 Summer 17-26
Reimbursement of sole community hospitals under Medicare's prospective payment system. Freiman, Marc P 1987 Winter 39-54
Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Prescription Coverage and Medication Use Briesacher, Becky 2003 Winter 63-76
Physicians' charges under Medicare: assignment rates and beneficiary liability. Ferry, Thomas P 1980 Winter 49-73
Commentary on some studies on the quality of care. Donabedian, Avedis 1987 Supp. 75-85
HCFA's racial and ethnic data: Current accuracy and recent improvements Arday, Susan L 2000 Summer 107-127
National health expenditures, 1978. Gibson, Robert M 1979 Summer 1-36
Medicare second surgical opinion programs: the effect of waiving cost-sharing. Friedlob, Alan S 1982 Sep 99-106
Evaluating the predictive validity of nursing home pre-admission screens. Jackson, Mary E 1993 Summer 169-180
Minority health status in adulthood: The middle years of life LaVeist, Thomas A 2000 Summer 9-21
Health spending and ability to pay: business, individuals, and government. Levit, Katharine R 1989 Spring 1-12
National Health Expenditures, 2002 Cowan, Cathy 2004 Summer 143-166
Comparing case-mix systems for nursing home payment. Fries, Brant E 1990 Summer 103-119
Reflections on the enactment of Medicare and Medicaid. Cohen, Wilbur J 1985 Supp. 3-11
National health expenditures, 1995. Levit, Katharine R 1996 Fall 175-214
Longitudinal patterns of enrollment and expenditures for a Medicaid cohort. Howell, Embry M 1988 Fall 71-85
Analysis of services received under Medicare by specialty of physician. Pine, Penelope L 1981 Sep 89-116
How recalibration method, pricing, and coding affect DRG weights. Carter, Grace M 1992 Winter 83-96
A study of the "crossover population": aged persons entitled to both Medicare and Medicaid. McMillan, Alma 1983 Summer 19-46
Acute physiology and chronic health evaluation (APACHE II) and Medicare reimbursement. Wagner, Douglas P 1984 Supp. 91-105
Consumer perspectives on information needs for health plan choice. Gibbs, Deborah A 1996 Fall 55-73
Medicare and Medicaid physician payment incentives. Burney, Ira L 1979 Summer 62-78
Community hospital statistics. Donham, Carolyn S 1989 Summer 121-140
Cost effectiveness of home and community-based care. Vertrees, James C 1989 Summer 65-78
Trends in hospital labor and total factor productivity, 1981-86. Cromwell, Jerry L 1989 Summer 39-50
Adjusting Medicare capitation payments using prior hospitalization data. Ash, Arlene S 1989 Summer 17-29
Health care indicators. Donham, Carolyn S 1989 Spring 125-145
Conventional health insurance: a decade later. DiCarlo, Steven 1989 Spring 87-89
Expenditures for long-term care services by community elders. Ruchlin, Hirsch S 1989 Spring 55-65
Prospective payments to hospitals: should emergency admissions have higher rates? Melnick, Glenn A 1989 Spring 29-39
Using marginal analysis to evaluate health spending trends. Kowalczyk, George I 1988 Winter 123-129
Factors affecting Medicaid patients' length of stay in psychiatric units. Lave, Judith R 1988 Winter 57-66
Are the diagnosis-related group case weights compressed? Thorpe, Kenneth E 1988 Winter 37-46
Physician incomes and work patterns across specialties: 1975 and 1983-84. Langenbrunner, John C 1988 Winter 17-24
Use and cost of home health agency services under Medicare. Ruther, Martin M 1988 Fall 105-108
Beneficiary selection, use, and charges in two Medicare capitation demonstrations. Kasper, Judith D 1988 Fall 37-49
To sign or not to sign: physician participation in Medicare, 1984. Mitchell, Janet B 1988 Fall 17-26
Evaluation of the Medicare competition demonstrations. Langwell, Kathryn M 1989 Winter 65-80
Expenditures for ambulatory episodes of care: the Michigan Medicaid experience. McDevitt, Roland D 1989 Winter 43-55
Do unprofitable patients face access problems? Newhouse, Joseph P 1989 Winter 33-42
State policies and the financing of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome care. Pascal, Anthony H 1989 Fall 91-104
Access and satisfaction in the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System. McCall, Nelda 1989 Fall 63-77
Occupational adjustment of the prospective payment system wage index. Pope, Gregory C 1989 Fall 49-61
Health services utilization and physician income trends. Sandier, Simone 1989 Supp. 33-48
International differences in medical care practices. McPherson, Klim 1989 Supp. 9-20
Overview of international comparisons of health care expenditures. Schieber, George J 1989 Supp. 1-7
Medicare assignment rates of physicians: their responses to changes in reimbursement policy. Paringer, Lynn 1980 Winter 75-89
Projections of national health expenditures, 1980, 1985, and 1990. Freeland, Mark S 1980 Winter 1-28
A descriptive analysis of medical malpractice insurance premiums, 1974-1977. Greenspan, Nancy T 1979 Fall 65-71
National hospital input price index. Freeland, Mark S 1979 Summer 37-61
Health expenditures by age group, 1977 and 1987. Waldo, Daniel R 1989 Summer 111-120
Use and cost of short-stay hospital inpatient services under Medicare, 1986. Helbing, Charles 1989 Summer 93-109
Prenatal, delivery, and infant care under Medicaid in three states. Howell, Embry M 1989 Summer 1-16
Growth of the Medicare population. Mariano, L Antonio 1989 Spring 123-124
Use and cost of physician and supplier services under Medicare, 1986. Helbing, Charles 1989 Spring 109-122
Assessing Medicare reimbursement options for skilled nursing facility care. Holahan, John 1989 Spring 13-27
National health expenditures, 1987. Letsch, Suzanne W 1988 Winter 109-122
Medicare: short-stay hospital services, by leading diagnosis-related groups, 1983 and 1985. Latta, Viola B 1988 Winter 79-107
Patterns of Medicaid utilization and expenditures in selected states: 1980-84. Howell, Embry M 1988 Winter 1-16
Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome in California's Medicaid program, 1981-84. Andrews, Roxanne M 1988 Fall 95-103
Evaluation of the national swing-bed program in rural hospitals. Shaughnessy, Peter W 1988 Fall 87-94
Factors influencing readmission risk: implications for quality monitoring. Holloway, James J 1989 Winter 19-32
Hospital utilization and expenditures in a Medicaid population. Buczko, William 1989 Fall 35-47
Differences by age groups in health care spending. Fisher, Charles R 1980 Spring 65-90
Controlling the cost of drugs: the Canadian experience. Fulda, Thomas K 1979 Fall 55-64
Medicaid utilization control programs: results of a 1987 study. Lindsey, Phoebe A 1989 Summer 79-92
Developing payment refinements and reforms under Medicare for excluded hospitals. Langenbrunner, John C 1989 Spring 91-107
Medicaid eligibility for persons in nursing homes. Carpenter, Letty 1988 Winter 67-77
Capitation payment: using predictors for medical utilization to adjust rates. Epstein, Arnold M 1988 Fall 51-69
Longitudinal patterns of Medicare use by cause of death. Riley, Gerald F 1989 Winter 1-12
Physician charges and utilization trends. Edwards, Winston O 1989 Fall 117-123
Utilization and expenditures under Medicaid for Supplemental Security Income disabled. Adams, E Kathleen 1989 Fall 1-24
What can Americans learn from Europeans? Jonsson, Bengt 1989 Supp. 79-93; discussion 93-110
Taxation and its effect upon public and private health insurance and medical demand. Greenspan, Nancy T 1980 Spring 39-45
Cost containment through risk-sharing by primary care physicians: a history of the development of United Healthcare. Moore, Stephen H 1980 Spring 1-14
Toward developing a relative value scale for medical and surgical services. Hsiao, William C 1979 Fall 23-38
Analysis of variations in hospital use by Medicare patients in PSRO areas, 1974-1977. Deacon, Ronald W 1979 Summer 79-107
Experience of a Medicaid nursing home entry cohort. Ray, Wayne A 1989 Summer 51-63
Potential for inpatient-outpatient substitution with diagnosis-related groups. Roos, Noralou P 1989 Summer 31-38
Assessing potential prescription reimbursement changes: estimated acquisition costs in Wisconsin. Kreling, David H 1989 Spring 67-75
Adjusting capitation rates using objective health measures and prior utilization. Newhouse, Joseph P 1989 Spring 41-54
Longlife insurance: a prototype for funding long-term care. Getzen, Thomas E 1988 Winter 47-56
Does one national prospective payment system market basket make sense? Cromwell, Jerry L 1988 Winter 25-35
Clinical and sociodemographic risk factors for readmission of Medicare beneficiaries. Holloway, James J 1988 Fall 27-36
Trends in Medicare enrollee use of physician and supplier services, 1983-86. Fisher, Charles R 1988 Fall 1-16
Inspection of care: findings from an innovative demonstration. Morris, John N 1989 Winter 57-63
Rural hospital wages. Hendricks, Ann M 1989 Winter 13-18
Health care indicators: community hospital statistics; employment, hours, and earnings in the private health sector; health care prices; and national economic indicators. Donham, Carolyn S 1989 Fall 125-144
Use and cost of skilled nursing facility services under Medicare, 1987. Latta, Viola B 1989 Fall 105-116
Pricing Medicare's diagnosis-related groups: charges versus estimated costs. Price, Kurt F 1989 Fall 79-90
Predicting hospital accounting costs. Newhouse, Joseph P 1989 Fall 25-33
Health care expenditure and other data. Poullier, Jean P 1989 Supp. 111-194
What can Europeans learn from Americans? Enthoven, Alain C 1989 Supp. 49-63; discussion 63-77
Cost containment in Europe. Culyer, A J 1989 Supp. 21-32
Nursing home cost studies and reimbursement issues. Bishop, Christine E 1980 Spring 47-64
Factors affecting differences in Medicare reimbursements for physicians' services. Gornick, Marian 1980 Spring 15-37
Risk differential between Medicare beneficiaries enrolled and not enrolled in an HMO. Eggers, Paul W 1980 Winter 91-99
Responsibility of families for their severely disabled elders. Callahan Jr, James J 1980 Winter 29-48
Impact of Medicare on the use of medical services by disabled beneficiaries, 1972-1974. Deacon, Ronald W 1979 Fall 39-54
Private health insurance plans in 1977: coverage, enrollment, and financial experience. Carroll, Marjorie S 1979 Fall 3-22
Alternatives for using multivariate regression to adjust prospective payment rates. Sheingold, Steven H 1990 Spring 31-41
Prospective payment for Medicare hospital capital: implications of the research. Cotterill, Philip G 1991 Supp. 79-86
Medigap preferred provider organizations: issues, implications, and early experience. Nelson, Lyle 1991 Summer 87-97
Health care cost containment in the Federal Republic of Germany. Schneider, Markus 1991 Spring 87-101
The burden of health care costs: business, households, and governments. Levit, Katharine R 1990 Winter 127-137
Medicare end stage renal disease population, 1982-87. Breidenbaugh, M Zermain 1990 Fall 101-104
Trends and patterns in place of death for Medicare enrollees. McMillan, Alma 1990 Fall 1-8
Improving state Medicaid programs for pregnant women and children. Hill, Ian T 1990 Supp. 75-87
Health care indicators. Donham, Carolyn S 1990 Summer 169-196
National health expenditures, 1988. Office of National Cost Estimates. Arnett 3d, Ross H 1990 Summer 1-41
Alternative geographic configurations for Medicare payments to health maintenance organizations. Porell, Frank W 1990 Spring 17-30
A longitudinal comparison of charge-based weights with cost-based weights. Carter, Grace M 1992 Spring 53-63
Why do some caregivers of disabled and frail elderly quit? Boaz, Rachel F 1991 Winter 41-47
National health expenditures, 1990. Levit, Katharine R 1991 Fall 29-54
Achieving cost control in the hospital outpatient department. Sulvetta, Margaret B 1991 Supp. 95-106
Utilization management as a cost-containment strategy. Bailit, Howard L 1991 Supp. 87-93
Containing U.S. health care costs: What bullet to bite? Jencks, Stephen F 1991 Supp. 1-12
Medicare short-stay hospital services by diagnosis-related groups. Latta, Viola B 1991 Summer 105-140
Access to hospital care for California and Michigan Medicaid recipients. Andrews, Roxanne M 1991 Summer 99-104
A comparison of Medicaid and non-Medicaid obstetrical care in California. Howell, Embry M 1991 Summer 1-16
Medicare expenditures for physician and supplier services, 1970-88. Helbing, Charles 1991 Spring 109-120
Medicare-covered skilled nursing facility services, 1967-88. Silverman, Herbert A 1991 Spring 103-108
Review effect on cost reports: impact smaller than anticipated. Cowles, C McKeen 1991 Spring 21-25
Measuring hospital input price increases: the rebased hospital market basket. Freeland, Mark S 1991 Spring 1-14
Health care indicators. Donham, Carolyn S 1990 Winter 139-158
Medicaid payment rates for nursing homes, 1979-86. Gohmann, Stephan F 1990 Winter 55-66
Changes in Medicare skilled nursing facility benefit admissions. Dubay, Lisa C 1990 Winter 27-35
National health expenditures, 1989. Lazenby, Helen C 1990 Winter 1-26
Procedure codes: potential modifiers of diagnosis-related groups. Hughes, John S 1990 Fall 39-46
Payment to health maintenance organizations and the geographic factor. Rossiter, Louis F 1990 Fall 19-30
Financial performance in the social health maintenance organization, 1985-88. Leutz, Walter 1990 Fall 9-18
Medicaid mysteries: transitional benefits, Medicaid coverage, and welfare exits. Ellwood, David T 1990 Supp. 119-131
Economic consequences for Medicaid of human immunodeficiency virus infection. Baily, Mary A 1990 Supp. 97-108
Preventive health care for Medicaid children. Yudkowsky, Beth K 1990 Supp. 89-96
Medicaid: a view from the front lines. Clarke, Gary J 1990 Supp. 9-14
Perspectives on the Medicaid program. Altman, Drew 1990 Supp. 2-4
Insights on the dynamics of Medicaid: Introduction Kenesson, Mary S 1990 Supp. 1
Transitional funding: changing Ontario's global budgeting system. Lave, Judith R 1992 Spring 77-84
Physician customary charges and Medicare payment experience: study findings [published erratum appears in Health Care Finance Rev 1992 Spring;13(3):preceding table of contents] Kowalczyk, George I 1991 Winter 57-73
Comparison of Medicaid nursing home payment systems. Schlenker, Robert E 1991 Fall 93-109
Savings estimate for a Medicare insured group. Birnbaum, Howard 1991 Summer 39-48
Patterns of outpatient prescription drug use among Pennsylvania elderly. Stuart, Bruce 1991 Spring 61-72
Social health maintenance organizations' service use and costs, 1985-89. Harrington, Charlene 1991 Spring 37-52
Giving physicians incentives to contain costs under Medicaid. Welch, W Pete 1990 Winter 103-112
Medicare risk contracting: determinants of market entry. Porell, Frank W 1990 Winter 75-85
Health maintenance organization environments in the 1980s and beyond. Morrison, Ellen M 1990 Fall 81-90
Medicaid prospective payment: case-mix increase. Baker, Samuel L 1990 Fall 63-70
Medicaid, the uninsured, and national health spending: federal policy implications. Garrison Jr, Louis P 1990 Supp. 167-170
Medicaid-financed residential care for persons with mental retardation. Lakin, K Charles 1990 Supp. 149-160
Ambulatory practice variation in Maryland: implications for Medicaid cost management. Stuart, Mary 1990 Supp. 57-67
Deciphering Medicaid data: issues and needs. Ku, Leighton 1990 Supp. 35-45
Hospital outpatient services under Medicare, 1987. Helbing, Charles 1990 Summer 147-158
Illness-episode approach: costs and benefits of medigap insurance. Sofaer, Shoshanna 1990 Summer 121-131
Geographic variations in Medicare utilization of short-stay hospital services, 1981-88. Edwards, Winston O 1990 Spring 107-111
Institutional alternatives to the rural hospital. Christianson, Jon B 1990 Spring 87-97
Leading inpatient surgical procedures for aged Medicare beneficiaries, 1987. Latta, Viola B 1989 Winter 99-110
Alternative geographic adjustments in Medicare payment to health maintenance organizations. Welch, W Pete 1992 Spring 97-110
Business, households, and governments: health care costs, 1990. Levit, Katharine R 1991 Winter 83-93
Medicaid support of alcohol, drug abuse, and mental health services. Wright, George E 1991 Fall 117-128
Modeling the costs of case management in long-term care. Davidson, Gestur B 1991 Fall 73-81
All-payer ratesetting: down but not out. Anderson, Gerald F 1991 Supp. 35-41; discussion 42-44
Containing health costs in a consumer-based model. Butler, Stuart M 1991 Supp. 21-25
Measuring input prices for physicians: the revised Medicare Economic Index. Freeland, Mark S 1991 Summer 61-73
Reform of health care in Germany. Hurst, Jeremy 1991 Spring 73-86
Analysis of nursing home capital reimbursement systems. Boerstler, Heidi 1991 Spring 53-60
A public health model of Medicaid emergency room use. deAlteriis, Martin 1991 Spring 15-20
Use of Medicare-covered home health agency services, 1988. Silverman, Herbert A 1990 Winter 113-126
Comparison of alternative weight recalibration methods for diagnosis-related groups. Rogowski, Jeannette R 1990 Winter 87-101
Hospital back-up days: impact on joint Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. Holahan, John 1990 Winter 67-73
Prospective payment system and other effects on post-hospital services. Gianfrancesco, Frank D 1990 Winter 37-54
Use and cost of short-stay hospital inpatient services under Medicare, 1988. Latta, Viola B 1990 Fall 91-99
Structure and performance of health maintenance organizations: a review. Langwell, Kathryn M 1990 Fall 71-79
Functionally and medically defined subgroups of nursing home populations. Manton, Kenneth G 1990 Fall 47-62
Quality of ambulatory care for the elderly: formulating evaluation criteria. Ferris, Ann K 1990 Fall 31-38
Addendum: a brief summary of the Medicaid program. Waid, Mary O 1990 Supp. 171-172
State initiatives for the medically uninsured. Merrill, Jeffrey C 1990 Supp. 161-166
Access to Medicaid and Medicare by the low-income disabled. Ellwood, Marilyn R 1990 Supp. 133-148
Medicaid home and community-based waivers for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome patients. Lindsey, Phoebe A 1990 Supp. 109-118
Medicaid and third-party liability: using information to achieve program goals. Buzzard, Kenneth 1990 Supp. 69-73
Accessibility and effectiveness of care under Medicaid. Jencks, Stephen F 1990 Supp. 47-56
Trends in Medicaid payments and utilization, 1975-89. Reilly, Thomas W 1990 Supp. 15-33
Medicaid: challenges and opportunities. Tallon Jr, James R 1990 Supp. 5-8
Health expenditures in major industrialized countries, 1960-87. Schieber, George J 1990 Summer 159-167
Volume and intensity of Medicare physicians' services: an overview. Kay, Terrence L 1990 Summer 133-146
Cost and volume trends in health care facility construction. England, William L 1990 Summer 87-102
A reassessment of hospital product and productivity changes over time. Long, Michael J 1990 Summer 69-77
Health care indicators. Community hospital statistics; employment, hours, and earnings in the private sector; health care prices; and national economic indicators. Donham, Carolyn S 1990 Spring 113-132
Swing-bed services under the Medicare program, 1984-87. Silverman, Herbert A 1990 Spring 99-106
Toward a prospective payment system for ambulatory surgery. Lion, Joanna 1990 Spring 79-86
Recent changes in service use patterns of disabled Medicare beneficiaries. Manton, Kenneth G 1990 Spring 51-66
Outcomes of surgery under Medicaid. Klingman, David 1990 Spring 1-16
Medicare physician and hospital utilization and expenditure trends. Edwards, Winston O 1989 Winter 111-116
Evaluation of the Medicaid competition demonstrations. Freund, Deborah A 1989 Winter 81-97
Hospital financing reform and case-mix measurement: an international review. Wiley, Miriam M 1992 Summer 119-133
National health accounts: lessons from the U.S. experience. Lazenby, Helen C 1992 Summer 89-103
Physician cost experience under private health insurance programs. Dyckman, Zackary 1992 Spring 85-96
Health of retired workers: survival status and Medicare service use. McCoy, John L 1992 Spring 65-76
What does the Consumer Price Index for prescription drugs really measure? Cleeton, David L 1992 Spring 45-51
Good quality care increases hospital profits under prospective payment. Hsia, David C 1992 Spring 17-26
Output and inflation components of medical care and other spending changes. Peden, Edgar A 1991 Winter 75-81
Factors affecting the availability and use of hemodialysis facilities. Cleary, Paul D 1991 Winter 49-55
Purpose of admission and resource use during cancer hospitalizations. Iezzoni, Lisa I 1991 Winter 29-40
Impact of Medicare payment policy on home health resources utilization. Irvine, Audrey 1991 Winter 13-18
Recent revisions to and recommendations for national health expenditures accounting. Haber, Susan 1991 Fall 111-116
Medicaid payment policies for nursing home care: a national survey. Buchanan, Robert J 1991 Fall 55-72
Projections of national health expenditures through the year 2000. Sonnefeld, Sally T 1991 Fall 1-28
Managed care: practice, pitfalls, and potential. Wallack, Stanley S 1991 Supp. 27-34
Assessment of the effectiveness of supply-side cost-containment measures Garrison Jr, Louis P 1991 Supp. 13-21
Health care indicators. Donham, Carolyn S 1991 Summer 141-170
Measuring geographic variations in hospitals' capital costs. Pope, Gregory C 1991 Summer 75-86
Medicare's prospective payment system: a critical appraisal. Coulam, Robert F 1991 Supp. 45-77
Financial aspects of adult day care: national survey results. Zelman, William M 1991 Spring 27-36
Concordance between planned and approved visits during initial home care. Branch, Laurence G 1991 Fall 83-91
International infant mortality rankings: a look behind the numbers. Liu, Korbin 1992 Summer 105-118
U.S. health expenditure performance: an international comparison and data update. Schieber, George J 1992 Summer 1-80
New Jersey's Medicaid waiver for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Merzel, Cheryl 1992 Spring 27-44
Trends in total hospital financial performance under the prospective payment system. Fisher, Charles R 1992 Spring 1-16
Explaining resource consumption among non-normal neonates. Schwartz, Rachel M 1991 Winter 19-28
Longitudinal patterns of California Medicaid recipients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Andrews, Roxanne M 1991 Winter 1-12
Health care indicators. Cowan, Cathy A 1992 Spring 111-130
Health care indicators. Maple, Brenda T 1991 Winter 95-114
Health care indicators. Letsch, Suzanne W 1991 Fall 129-153
Setting capitations for Medicaid: a case study. Leibowitz, Arlene 1990 Summer 79-85
Findings from the Medicaid Competition Demonstrations: a guide for states. Heinen, LuAnn 1990 Summer 55-67
Revisions to the National Health Accounts and methodology. Arnett 3d, Ross H 1990 Summer 42-54
Assessing cost effects of nursing-home-based geriatric nurse practitioners. Buchanan, Joan L 1990 Spring 67-78
Impact of the Maine Medicaid waiver for the mentally retarded. Coburn, Andrew F 1990 Spring 43-50
An evaluation of diagnosis-related group severity and complexity refinement. McGuire, Thomas E 1991 Summer 49-60
Health insurance coverage among disabled Medicare enrollees. Rubin, Jeffrey I 1991 Summer 27-37
Health care indicators. Cowan, Cathy A 1991 Spring 121-140
The Medicare home health initiative. Vladeck, Bruce C 1994 Fall 7-16
A profile of the Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey. Adler, Gerald S 1994 Summer 153-163
Activities of daily living and costs in nursing homes. Williams, Brent C 1994 Summer 117-135
Swan-Ganz catheter use and mortality of myocardial infarction patients. Blumberg, Mark S 1994 Summer 91-103
Disabled workers' risk of hospitalization and death. McCoy, John L 1994 Summer 61-76
Preventive health care in six countries: models for reform? Chaulk, C Patrick 1994 Summer 7-19
Health care indicators Donham, Carolyn S 1994 Spring 157-187
International pharmaceutical spending controls: France, Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Gross, David J 1994 Spring 127-140
Estimating the cost of a Medicare outpatient prescription drug benefit. Waldo, Daniel R 1994 Spring 103-112
State Medicaid pharmacy payments and their relation to estimated costs. Adams, E Kathleen 1994 Spring 25-42
Prescription drug payment policy: past, present, and future. Gondek, Kathleen E 1994 Spring 1-7
Social/health maintenance organization and fee-for-service health outcomes over time. Manton, Kenneth G 1993 Winter 173-202
Lessons for states in inpatient ratesetting under the Boren Amendment. Batavia, Andrew I 1993 Winter 137-154
Inpatient transfer episodes among aged Medicare beneficiaries. Buczko, William 1993 Winter 71-87
A comprehensive payment model for short- and long-stay psychiatric patients. Fries, Brant E 1993 Winter 31-50
Overview: Hospital payment: Beyond the prospective payment system. Saunders, William D 1993 Winter 1-5
Trends in Medicare health maintenance organization enrollment: 1986-93. McMillan, Alma 1993 Fall 135-146
Risk adjustment for a children's capitation rate. Newhouse, Joseph P 1993 Fall 39-54
Do health maintenance organizations work for Medicare? Brown, Randall S 1993 Fall 7-23
Health care indicators Donham, Carolyn S 1993 Summer 209-238
Resident medical care utilization patterns in continuing care retirement communities. Ruchlin, Hirsch H 1993 Summer 151-168
Access and use of health services by chronically mentally ill Medicaid beneficiaries. Moscovice, Ira S 1993 Summer 75-87
Rural and urban differentials in Medicare home health use. Kenney, Genevieve M 1993 Summer 39-57
The changing face of long-term care. Vladeck, Bruce C 1993 Summer 5-24
Health care indicators Donham, Carolyn S 1993 Spring 249-282
Allocating practice expense under the Medicare fee schedule. Pope, Gregory C 1993 Spring 139-162
Monitoring access following Medicare price changes: physician perspective. McCall, Nancy T 1993 Spring 97-117
Global budgeting in the OECD countries. Wolfe, Patrice R 1993 Spring 55-76
How do Medicare physician fees compare with private payers? Miller, Mark E 1993 Spring 25-39
Are PPS payments adequate? Issues for updating and assessing rates. Sheingold, Steven H 1992 Winter 165-175
Medicare hospital outpatient services and costs: implications for prospective payment. Miller, Mark E 1992 Winter 135-149
Measuring inpatient and outpatient costs: a cost-function approach. Carey, Kathleen 1992 Winter 115-124
Medicare dependent hospitals: who depends on whom? Goody, Brigid 1992 Winter 97-105
Medicare prospective payment without separate urban and rural rates. O'Dougherty, Sheila M 1992 Winter 31-47
Hospital and Medicare financial performance under PPS, 1985-90. Fisher, Charles R 1992 Fall 171-183
Comparing physician fee schedules in Canada and the United States. Katz, Steven J 1992 Fall 141-149
Analysis of underwriting factors for AAPCC (adjusted average per capita cost). Manton, Kenneth G 1992 Fall 117-132
Outcomes of California's Medicaid cost-containment policies, 1981-84. Preston, Bonnie J 1992 Fall 65-78
Americans' health insurance coverage, 1980-91. Levit, Katharine R 1992 Fall 31-57
Medicaid recipients, services, utilization, and program payments. Silverman, Herbert A 1992 Supp. 311-336
Payment, administration, and financing of the Medicaid program. Gurny, Paul 1992 Supp. 285-301
A description of Medicaid eligibility. Gurny, Paul 1992 Supp. 207-225
Medicare supplementary medical insurance benefit for hospital outpatient services. Petrie, John T 1992 Supp. 183-197
Home health agency benefits. Helbing, Charles 1992 Supp. 125-148
Hospital insurance short-stay hospital benefits. Helbing, Charles 1992 Supp. 55-96
Health care indicators for the United States. Donham, Carolyn S 1992 Summer 173-199
Recent health policy initiatives in Nordic countries. Saltman, Richard B 1992 Summer 157-166
RUG-II (Resource Utilization Group, Version II) impacts on long-term care facilities in New York. Schultz, Barry M 1994 Winter 85-99
Refinement of the Medicare diagnosis-related groups to incorporate a measure of severity. Edwards, Nancy 1994 Winter 45-64
National health expenditures, 1993. Levit, Katharine R 1994 Fall 247-294
Post-hospital home health care for Medicare patients. Kane, Robert L 1994 Fall 131-153
Do preset per visit payment rates affect home health agency behavior? Phillips, Barbara R 1994 Fall 91-107
Measuring and assuring the quality of home health care. Shaughnessy, Peter W 1994 Fall 35-67
Diffusion of Medicare's RBRVS and related physician payment policies. McCormack, Lauren A 1994 Winter 159-173
Use of diagnosis-related groups by non-Medicare payers. Carter, Grace M 1994 Winter 127-158
Health care indicators Donham, Carolyn S 1994 Fall 295-301
Political perspectives on uncertified home care agencies. Silberberg, Mina 1994 Fall 223-245
Home health care outcomes under capitated and fee-for-service payment. Shaughnessy, Peter W 1994 Fall 187-222
A profile of home health users in 1992. Mauser, Elizabeth 1994 Fall 17-33
Recent innovations in home health care policy research Clauser, Steven B 1994 Fall 1-6
Differences by race in the rates of procedures performed in hospitals for Medicare beneficiaries. McBean, A Marshall 1994 Summer 77-90
Patterns of Medicaid expenditures after AIDS diagnosis. Markson, Leona E 1994 Summer 43-59
Medicaid policies for AIDS-related hospital care. Buchanan, Robert J 1994 Summer 33-41
Utilization effects of prescription drug benefits in an aging population. Gianfrancesco, Frank D 1994 Spring 113-126
A review of the first year of Medicare coverage of erythropoietin. Griffiths, Robert I 1994 Spring 83-102
Use of outpatient drugs as death approaches. Stuart, Bruce 1994 Spring 63-82
Medicare inpatient physician charges: an econometric analysis. Miller, Mark E 1993 Winter 155-171
Trends in length of stay for Medicare patients: 1979-87. Kominski, Gerald F 1993 Winter 121-135
A clinically based service limitation option for alternative model rural hospitals. Moscovice, Ira S 1993 Winter 103-119
Health care indicators Donham, Carolyn S 1993 Fall 147-176
Medicaid, welfare dependency, and work: is there a causal link? Moffitt, Robert 1993 Fall 123-133
Border crossing for physician services: implications for controlling expenditures. Holahan, John 1993 Fall 101-122
Containing use and expenditures in publicly insured long-term care programs. Miller, Robert H 1993 Summer 181-207
Simulating the fiscal and distributional impacts of Medicaid eligibility reforms. Cohen, Marc A 1993 Summer 133-150
Trends in Medicaid nursing home reimbursement: 1978-89. Swan, James H 1993 Summer 111-132
Long-term care: emerging trends. Miller, Nancy A 1993 Summer 1-4
Business, households, and governments: health spending, 1991. Cowan, Cathy A 1993 Spring 227-248
Effects of selected cost-containment efforts: 1971-1993. Gold, Marsha 1993 Spring 183-225
Physician fee levels: Medicare versus Canada. Welch, W Pete 1993 Spring 41-54
The impact of Medicaid adoption of the Medicare fee schedule. Holahan, John 1993 Spring 11-24
Price controls: on the one hand ... and on the other. Langwell, Kathryn M 1993 Spring 5-10
What affects rural beneficiaries use of urban and rural hospitals? Buczko, William 1992 Winter 107-114
Assessing the FY 1989 change in Medicare PPS outlier policy. Carter, Grace M 1992 Winter 69-82
Measuring teaching intensity with the resident-to-average daily census ratio. Phillips, Steven M 1992 Winter 59-68
Measuring the relationship between income and NHEs (national health expenditures). Moore, William J 1992 Fall 133-139
Introducing fees for services with professional uncertainty. Flierman, Henk A 1992 Fall 107-115
Changes in Medicaid nursing home beds and residents. Liu, Korbin 1992 Supp. 303-310
Recent trends in Medicaid expenditures. Buck, Jeffrey A 1992 Supp. 271-283
Skilled nursing facilities. Helbing, Charles 1992 Supp. 97-123
Medicare program expenditures. Helbing, Charles 1992 Supp. 23-54
Price indexes for pharmaceuticals used by the elderly. Thomas 3d, Joseph 1992 Fall 91-105
Trends in Medicaid payments and users of covered services, 1975-91. Pine, Penelope L 1992 Supp. 235-269
Medicare enrollment. Petrie, John T 1992 Supp. 13-22
New directions for Medicare payment systems. Goody, Brigid 1994 Winter 1-11
Nursing home resident assessment and case-mix classification: cross-national perspectives. Clauser, Steven B 1992 Summer 135-155
Excess demand and cost relationships among Kentucky nursing homes. Davis, Mark A 1994 Summer 137-152
Stability of frailty in the social/health maintenance organization. Hallfors, Denise 1994 Summer 105-116
Health care of vulnerable populations covered by Medicare and Medicaid. Hirsch, Marilyn B 1994 Summer 1-5
Pharmaceutical spending and German reunification: parity comes quickly to Berlin. Katz, Eric M 1994 Spring 141-156
Who cares what it costs to dispense a Medicaid prescription? Lamphere-Thorpe, Joe A 1994 Spring 9-24
Health care indicators Donham, Carolyn S 1993 Winter 203-232
An evaluation of pediatric-modified diagnosis-related groups. Payne, Susan M 1993 Winter 51-70
Excluded facility financial status and options for payment system modification. Schneider, John E 1993 Winter 7-30
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