About the Data

How often are general and performance information about doctors, clinicians, groups, and ACOs on Care Compare and in the PDC updated?

General information for doctors, clinicians, and groups, such as addresses and phone numbers, is updated twice a month. Their performance information is updated on an annual basis. ACO performance information is also updated on an annual basis.

What data sources are used for doctors, clinicians, and groups on Care Compare and in the PDC?

Performance information for doctors, clinicians, and groups comes from the Quality Payment Program. General information is primarily from PECOS. Some of the information in PECOS, such as group affiliations and practice locations, is obtained or verified using claims data. Board certification is derived from certification and accrediting organizations such as the American Board of Medical Specialties, the American Board of Optometry, and the American Board of Wound Medicine and Surgery.

Is there a downloadable database of all the information currently available on Care Compare profile pages for doctors, clinicians, and groups?

The PDC is currently available on Data.Medicare.gov and contains general and performance information publicly reported on doctor and clinician profile pages on Care Compare. Additional performance information such as Final Scores and performance category scores is also available in the PDC.

How do I update general information about my group or myself?

Much of the information can be updated in PECOS. Once you update PECOS, the changes will be reflected on Care Compare profile pages and in the PDC in two to four months, the amount of time it takes for the information to be verified and processed.

Individual clinicians can update their first and last name, gender, specialty, education, and group affiliation via PECOS. To update board certification and hospital affiliation, please send an email with your name, NPI, and request to QPP@cms.hhs.gov.  

Groups can update their legal business name, affiliated clinicians, and addresses via PECOS. Groups should email QPP@cms.hhs.gov if they would like to have a “Doing Business As” (DBA) name appear on their Care Compare profile page.

How do I remove personal contact information?

If your personal information such as phone numbers or addresses is displaying on your Care Compare profile page, send us an email with the correct contact information so we can make a manual edit to your profile page. The manual edit quickly removes this information from the website; however, the manual edits remain in effect for six months only. Therefore, you also need to update this information via PECOS to ensure your personal information will not repopulate in the future. We recommend you make the update as soon as possible.

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